2019 NFL Draft Rumors

2019 NFL Draft Rumors – Update 4/24

April 24, 2019

One of the best things about the draft is all of the NFL Draft Rumors that come out from reports and media people throughout this entire process. Some of this comes from contacts from within NFL teams while other may be just hearsay. At NFL Draft Geek we provide you with the recent rumors that are out there so you can stay on top of them while also providing our takes on that said rumor. Hope you enjoy the 2019 NFL Draft Rumors page!

2019 NFL Draft Rumors

April 24th

Washington Moving Up to Get a QB?

Everybody knew that the Redskins were going to get a quarterback this off season since Alex Smith may never play football again. The Redskins were rumored to be in on the Josh Rosen talk, but that seems to have broken down and now are setting their eyes on one of the quarterbacks in this years class.

Picking at 15 makes it difficult for them to get the player that they want, so they’ll likely have to move up to get the quarterback that they want. As both Mike Garafolo and Grant Paulsen are reporting is that they could make a big swing up to get someone. And Dianna Russini is reporting that prospect is Dwayne Haskins.

Our Take: It’s no secret that if you want a quarterback you are going to have to move up to get one. That has happened the past three years with only Baker Mayfield (#1 overall pick) being the exception. Haskins is our top rated quarterback (along with a majority of other analysts) and moving up could allow them to secure him.

Both the Jets, Lions, and Bills have been rumored to wanting to trade down so those could be options with the Jets being the one slot where they could all but guarantee they would get him. And with the Jets being desperate to move back, they could get a cheaper deal.

April 22nd

Ed Oliver now a team favorite?

It didn’t seem like too long ago everybody assumed that Ed Oliver would fall out of the top 10 and even some mocking him in the 20’s. Now were are hearing a second top 5 team that is in love with Oliver. First it Greg Gabriel who said the Jets would take him if they don’t move back and now Connor Hughes of the Athletic is echoing the same sediment. But what is also news is that the Raiders are also interested.

Our Take: I can understand the Jets being interested in Oliver, but the Raiders are a bit of a surprise in that both Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen would be better fits for their needs. That being said, Oakland defensive coordinator Paul Guenther did have success in Cincinnati with an undersized defensive tackle in Geno Atkins. Oliver along with Maurice Hurst would give the Raiders a dynamic duo inside.

Cody Ford sliding to the 2nd Round?

In McShay’s Draft Buzz article he dropped plenty of nuggets, but one thing that really stood out was that there are teams that have concerns about Oklahoma right tackle Cody Ford’s weight. Ford is a big human being that weighed in at 329lbs at the Combine but there are reports that he played at 340 and that his team interviews have been interesting. All of that together could cause him to slide to the second round.

Our Take: This isn’t too surprising to me as Cody for is my 39th ranked prospect in this class anyways. There has to be some concern about Ford playing outside at tackle which is by far the more valued position as Ford is much better in a phone booth than in space. Teams are looking for fit and if he has weight issues now, he’s not a great athlete and along with some questionable interviews, then there is plenty of reasons he could be sliding.

April 20th

Ed Oliver ahead of Quinnen Williams?

For a better part of the last three years it was projected that Ed Oliver would make a run for the number one overall pick when he entered the draft. But after an injury filled year that included a dust up with his coach and now (its not like people didn’t know he was small) concerns about his size he was thought o fall into the teens with the Falcons being his floor.

However former Bears and Giants executive Greg Gabriel sheds light that the Jets could be his landing spot with the third overall pick if they don’t trade down (heck maybe even if they slide a little bit). This isn’t a big surprise as Oliver is still rated pretty high on most boards, but he’s usually seen as the second defensive tackle behind Quinnen Williams.

So why would the Jets be taking Oliver over Williams? Well Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams only a couple of years ago was in Los Angeles and had an undersized defensive tackle named Aaron Donald who he had a lot of success with. Gregg Williams may view Oliver as their version of Donald. Now for as much as I like Oliver, I’d still take Quinnen.

Daniel Jones 6th Overall?

While most of everybody has Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray but just because we like those prospects the most, doesn’t mean that every NFL teams have the same viewpoint. Heck maybe most do, but the phrase “it only takes one team” is something that rings true with the NFL Draft.

The team that is rumored here is the New York Giants because there has been a lot of connecting the dots with the Giants bringing him in for workouts and then there is the David Cutcliffe connection as Eli and Daniel Jones both played for Cutcliffe in college. How does this all matter? Well the Giants have said that they’re going with Eli this next year which means that Jones would have to sit and develop. With the connection between the two, Eli is more willing to work with Jones to aid his his development.

Now would Jones be worth the 6th overall pick? I don’t think so and you would assume that the 17th pick is where they could go. But if the Giants like Jones enough to take him with the 17th pick, wouldn’t you just insure that you get him and take him with the 6th pick? Because if you don’t and then quarterbacks start going, you have to then move up and lose picks to try and get him.

April 17th

Jets Targeting OL in Round 1?

A while back With the First Pick’s Bryan Perez mentioned that the Jets could be taking an offensive lineman with the third pick. Now we are hearing from Tony Pauline that if the Jets are able to move down that they could be targeting that offensive lineman.

Our Take: I’m all on board for the Jets taking an offensive lineman as they need to protect franchise quarterback Sam Darnold and help open holes for newly signed Le’Veon Bell. The two names that were mentioned were Andre Dillard and Jonah Williams. Dillard would give them some insurance for Kelvin Beachum who is in the final year of his contract while Williams could start at center, right guard or right tackle. Don’t count out Jawaan Taylor if he is available, he’d be best case scenario.

Surprise 1st Rounders

NFL Media Analyst Tom Pelissero dropped an article about surprise first round picks. While he didn’t say that these prospects were sure fire first round picks, but don’t’ be surprised if they go that early.

Alabama State OT Tytus Howard

If you haven’t seen anything of Tytus Howard he is a former high school quarterback who came to Alabama State as a tight end but moved inside to tackle. Howard shows that athletic ability in his drops and in his lateral movement that shows the potential to be a top end starter. There is a shortage of good offensive line play and teams are willing to reach on players with upside. I mean we did see Kolton Miller go 15th overall last year and Howard is a better prospect.

Boston College G Chris Lindstrom

While there is a shortage of tackles in the NFL, the interior is even thinner. So just as teams reaching for tackles they could reach for the elite guards and centers in this class. Lindstrom shined at the senior Bowl and Combine proving to be one of the better lineman in the draft. Lindstrom isn’t going to win over the fan base but he’ll be a solid pick that will help solidify their offensive line. A team picking in the back half could make him their pick.

Jets Targeting OL in Round 1?

Surprise 1st Rounders

NFL Media Analyst Tom Pelissero dropped an article about surprise first round picks, here are a few highlights.

Alabama OT Tytus Howard

Boston College G Chris Lindstrom

April 16th

Packers Taking a QB in Round 1?

Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers have been in the news lately with the recent B/R article highlighting the dysfunction among Rodgers and former head coach Mike McCarthy. With all of that going around the Packers bringing in two of the potential first round quarterbacks is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Our Take: On the surface this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Aaron Rodgers is easily one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and the Packers are going to try and use their two first round picks to add talent to make another Super Bowl run. That being said Rodgers turns 36 during the 2019 season. Finding his replacement is something they are starting to think about. Bringing in Lock and Jones was probably to give them a look to see if they are prospects that they could look to groom until Rodgers leave. I mean nobody thought the Packers would take Rodgers when they did.

Now I don’t think they’ll pull the trigger, but you can’t blame the Packers for kicking the tires on these two. I mean they’ve been spoiled with Brett Favre and now Rodgers, would you blame them from not wanting to go into the next quarterback hoping you have somebody ready to step up.

April 8th

Dwayne Haskins Sliding?

Both Lance Zierlein and Peter King brought up that there is a good shot that Dwayne Haskins falls in the draft. In the article King goes on to say…

“In fact, I keep hearing Dwayne Haskins is sinking, and may be the fourth passer picked in this draft.”

This goes along with a previous report (the first entry on this rumor page, just scroll down) from ESPN’s Mike Sando who cited a source that compared it to the Teddy Bridgewater situation.

Our Take: As was previously said, this isn’t new news as the notion of Haskins falling has been mentioned prior. The Bridgewater comparison is pretty good as Teddy was pretty routinely mocked early and viewed as the top quarterback but went a lot lower than most Draft Analysts thought.

Haskins is very talented but I’ve long thought he would have benefited form going back to school for another year. Even Redskins head coach Jay Gruden mentioned during the Owners Meetings that Haskins needs time to sit and develop. The NFL teams are going to like Lock and probably Daniel Jones better, so that could lead to Haskins sliding down to the bottom of the first round. That is something I have done for a while in my mocks thinking that the Giants don’t plan to take him 6th overall while other teams have seemed to be linked to both Jones and Lock and nobody to Haskins.

March 15th

Noah Fant a TE?

On his latest podcast DJ talked about several players on his new Top 50 list and when he got to TJ Hockenson he mentioned that some teams view Fant as an X receiver and even compared him to Vincent Jackson. The X receiver is traditionally a split end who lines up on the weak side of the field lining up on the line of scrimmage and needs to be able to beat press man coverage on a regular basis. Jackson made a living on the outside using his speed and size to win downfield. Jackson also measured in at 6’5 240lbs and ran a 4.50 coming out of Northern Colorado. Those are about the same measurements as Fant.

Out Take: While this may seem a bit crazy to some, it shouldn’t really. There are several tight ends that very rarely if ever line up inline. Fant is perfect for today’s NFL as he provides a match up nightmare for defenses because of his size and speed combination. He was already going to be lining up detached from the formation in the slot or out wide. So does it really matter if you call him a receiver or a tight end? Just look at Devin Funchess who was considered to a TE at Michigan but has been an outside receiver his entire career.

March 3rd

Kaleb McGary Going in Round 1?

Lance is not the only NFL Network media member that is high on McGary as Daniel Jeremiah had him ranked as the 39th best player on his most recent Top 50 Rankings and even compared him to Andrew Whitworth on a conference call.

McGary may not be as well known as his teammate Trey Adams but quitely he had a good career and setting himself up well of the NFL Draft. At 6’7 McGary is a massive tackle who doesn’t have great length but doesn’t let that affect him locking up defender when he gets his hands on the defender and using his lateral burst to cut off defenders.

Our Take: Normally when a player like this starts getting attention it is because these national media members are getting information from their sources. Lance and DJ are very well connected in NFL circles and are likely hearing from scouts and teams on players that they like. With such a need for offensive tackles we could see a guy like McGary (2nd round grade from us) go a bit higher because of need and shortage at the position.

February 24th

Daylon Mack Shooting Up Boards?

Former Seattle Seahawks Southeast Region Scout Jim Nagy is in his first year as the Executive Director of the Reece’s Senior Bowl replacing Phil Savage. Nagy has been very active on Twitter not only before the Senior Bowl but he has been hyping up the prospects that participated.

The above tweet is one of the most recent posts but he also shares some information saying that Texas A&M DT Daylon Mack improved his stock by two rounds. That is quite the statement from Nagy that Mack would have improved his stock that much just by the weeks events. Sure Mack played very well, but you would assume NFL teams are not going to vault a prospect up multiple rounds because of their performance at the Senior Bowl or this week’s Combine.

BUT…let’s take a deeper look at Daylon Mack. This past summer we took a look at the former 5 Star Recruit who had struggled to live up to his recruiting hype. Mack had a good freshman season with 9.5 sacks but has dealt with weight issues and and sharing that he had depression issues. Mack states that that he is refocused and now playing with an edge to his game. That showed in Mobile where he dominated at times.

Our Take: Normally a player doesn’t shoot up that much, but NFL teams have showed they are willing to take a chance on former 5 Star Recruits. Before Mobile Mack was likely a 7th round pick, but it wouldn’t shock me to see him now in the 4th round range for a team looking for a one gap nose tackle.

February 18th

Raiders Fascinated with Kyler Murray

As we continue to march to the 2019 NFL Draft it becomes clearer and clearer that Kyler Murray is going to be one of the most talked about prospects in the entire draft. He’s dazzling on the field but there are some questions. In Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America article, the renowned writer shares a variety of information about Murray. But he also drops this nugget.

“I hear the Raiders are fascinated with Murray.”

This is both surprising and not at the same time. For the longest time John Gruden has been known to prefer veteran quarterbacks and he has Derek Carr who once a league MVP candidate. But since then he has struggled, the Raiders are in full rebuild and while Gruden was away from coaching he seemed to really enjoy working with young quarterbacks.

Our Take: With three first round picks it wouldn’t shock me to see the Raiders use one of them on a quarterback. Drew Lock has been the apple of Gruden’s eye during the Senior Bowl, but Murray could also be a possibility. He was mocked to the Raiders with their 24th pick in our latest mock draft. The Raiders need excitement with their franchise when they move to Las Vegas and that very well may mean a new quarterback.

January 29th

Drew Lock to the Broncos a ….. Lock?

In the article Mark Kiszla and Ryan O’Halloran have a debate whether or not the Broncos should trade up to get Drew Lock. Within the debate we learn that not only does John Elway like Drew Lock but he is “smitten” with him.

Is Missouri senior Drew Lock a safe bet to be the next quarterback of the Broncos? The worst-kept secret at the Senior Bowl: John Elway is smitten with Lock.

O’Halloran notes that Elway was at the Arkansas vs Missouri game and during his three day stint at the Senior Bowl, Elway was always with the quarterback groups.

Our Take: This isn’t too much of a surprise as we have been routinely mocking Lock to the Broncos at various points. One of the biggest reasons was Lock seems to fit the profile of tall, big armed throwers that Elway prefers. I mean he did take Paxton Lynch a few years back. While I’m not a huge Lock fan, he did enough at the Senior Bowl to continue to be considered a first round pick. Elway is not afraid to trade up to get prospects he wants, so he could look to move ahead of a team like the Jaguars or Giants to ensure that he gets Lock.

January 16th

Jonah Williams Not a Top 10 Prospect?

This news comes to us in Tony’s Monday Shrine Game Notes where he shares some news and notes that he has received from his sources at the game. One thing stuck out to me regarding Jonah Williams who Tony doesn’t think is a top 10 pick and should be moved inside to guard.

Since the national title game, I’ve spoken with at least a dozen insiders and scouts …. The earliest grade I’ve received on him is the mid-first round, while some project him as a second-round selection. Everyone I’ve spoken with projects Williams to guard at the next level.

Our Take: Williams has been one of our top ranked prospects in the 2019 class and was even the top rated player on our board early this summer. While Williams is clearly the top rated offensive lineman there are concerns about his length and he struggled at various times throughout the 2018 season. That being said, the need for offensive lineman has been enormous lately and we’ve seen other prospects such as Mike McGlinchey and Kolton Miller get drafted a lot higher than most expected. While I think some elite defensive talent could push Williams down, I still think he’s right in the range of a back end top 10 pick.

January 13th

Dolphins Passing on QB in 2019?

With a new coaching staff coming to the Dolphins, presumably lead by Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores, the mind is moving towards a rebuild. But what’s news here is that instead of getting a new quarterback and building around him, they are going to take a pass this year and look to build up the team first.

the Dolphins already are thinking about rebuilding and trying to land one of the trumpeted quarterbacks from the class of 2020, which includes Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and Oregon’s Justin Herbert

Our Take: This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise as the 2019 quarterback class is relatively weak. Dwayne Haskins seems like the surest bet but he’ll be long gone before the 13th pick and the Dolphins likely are looking at Daniel Jones, Drew Lock and possibly Kyler Murray. This way the Dolphins can get by with Ryan Tannehill for another year while either adding weapons or solidifying both lines.

January 10th

Could Haskins Slide?

In a recent article by ESPN they cover all the top quarterbacks for the 2019 NFL Draft highlighting who they are, where they have them ranked and then what the NFL thinks of them.

In the section about Haskins, Mike Sando drops a quote from an “NFL evaluator” about Haksins being available later in the first round.

You might be able to get Haskins later in the first round. I think he is a little more known than some of the others in terms of projecting what he will be.”

Our Take: While Haskins has long been considered the top prospect in this class (after Herbert announced his return to Oregon) I still felt that Haskins would have been better off returning to Ohio State for another year. Sure he has talent and I see someone who could develop into a franchise quarterback, but he still needs work in certain areas.

Because of that I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked to see him fall. As stated I feel he has developing to do and if a team feels that he isn’t quite ready to come in or that there is a positional player that could impact their team quicker, they could pass on Haskins. The quote also compared him to Teddy Bridgewater and if you remember, Bridgewater was long considered to be the first quarterback taken but fell to 32nd overall. I don’t think this will happen, but it could.

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