2021 NFL Draft: College pro day results tracker

20201 NFL Draft pro day results

The 2021 NFL Draft pro day circuit is in full swing, and below you’ll find a running list of results compiled by Pro Football Focus for each prospect’s performance.

Check back each day for updates as they come in.

Friday, March 5


RB Pooka Williams Jr.

Height:  5’9″ (13th percentile)
Weight: 175 (1st)
Arm: 30 3/4″ (39th)
Vertical: 31.5 (13th)
Broad jump: 118 (41st)
Bench: 4 reps (0)
40-yard: 4.38 (96th)
3-cone: 7.02 (54th)

Tuesday, March 9


T Rashawn Slater

Height: 6’4″ (OT: 13th percentile, G: 51st percentile)
Weight: 304 (OT: 18th, G: 23rd)
Arm: 33″ (OT: 13th, G: 37th)
Bench: 33 reps (OT: 96th, G: 90th)
40-yard: 4.88 (OT: 97th, G: 98th)
3-cone: 7.48 (OT: 83rd, G: 87th)

CB Greg Newsome II

Height: 6’0″ (66th percentile)
Weight: 192 (51st)
Arm: 31 1/8″ (41st)
Vertical: 40 (91st)
Broad jump: 123 (55th)
Bench: 18 (85th)
40-yard: 4.37 (91st)
Short shuttle: 4.28 (31st)
3-cone: 6.94 (49th)

LB Paddy Fisher

Height: 6’3″ (91st percentile)
Weight: 240 (60th)
Arm: 33 (80th)
Vertical: 32 (17th)
Broad jump: 110 (10th)
Bench: 20 (41st)
40-yard: 4.91 (3rd)
Short shuttle: 4.47 (13th)
3-cone: 7.00 (68th)

EDGE Earnest Brown IV

Height: 6’4″ (75th percentile)
Weight: 270 (73rd)
Arm: 34.5 (88th)
Vertical: 31 (23rd)
Broad jump: 115 (42nd)
Bench: 25 (74th)
40-yard: 4.95 (11th)
Short shuttle: 4.5 (28th)
3-cone: 7.25 (46th)

Kansas State

EDGE Wyatt Hubert

Height: 6’3″ (43rd percentile)
Weight: 265 (62nd)
Arm: 31 (4th)
Vertical: 33 (41st)
Broad jump: 110 (16th)
40-yard: 4.93 (13th)
Short shuttle: 4.28 (78th)
3-cone: 7.03 (77th)


iOL Quinn Meinerz

Height: 6’3″ (19th percentile among guards)
Weight: 320 (79th)
Vertical: 32 (90th)
Broad jump: 111 (90th)
40-yard: 4.86 (99th)
Short shuttle: 4.47 (93rd)
3-cone: 7.33 (97th)

Bryan Perez

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