2021 NFL Draft: Devonta Smith picks Mac Jones over Tua Tagovailoa

Mac Jones NFL Draft

There’s been a lot of chatter surrounding Alabama quarterback Mac Jones, lately. Maybe it’s because NFL draft analysts are finally beginning to realize he’s a legitimate first-rounder and, perhaps, a better prospect than North Dakota State’s Trey Lance, who’s long been pegged as a Cam Newton-lite for the 2021 draft.

The truth probably lies somewhere in-between. Jones is a quality quarterback whose floor is somewhere in the Kirk Cousins bucket, and Lance is as toolsy of a prospect as they come. The NFL loves players with tools that can be coached up.

But the press Jones is receiving lately is undeniable. Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis raved over Jones’ upside, and now it’s Alabama wide receiver Devonta Smith who’s helping prop up the Crimson Tide signal-caller.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, Smith chose Jones over Dolphins starter Tua Tagovailoa, who Smith starred alongside in 2019, when asked about which quarterback he preferred.

“One team asked Smith, point-blank: Tua Tagovailoa or Jones?” Breer wrote. “The question was barely finished before Smith answered: Mac Jones. He was bold and definitive about it, as I heard it.”

We know this much — and only this much — about the 2021 quarterback class: Trevor Lawrence will be the first one drafted at No. 1 overall.

From there? It’s anyone’s guess. Sure, it’d be an absolute shock if Jones somehow leapfrog the likes of Justin Fields or Zach Wilson. But this is the NFL draft, after all, and anything is possible.

Bryan Perez

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