5 Reasons Ryan Finley is the Top Senior QB Prospect

August 3, 2018

North Carolina State made a big jump this past year but while the defensive line got most of the attention, it was the offense that really made the difference in their success. A big reason why their offense did so well is the play of quarterback Ryan Finley and his ability to lead the offense. With his traits and continued development Finley has all the makings to be the top senior quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft. Here we’ll look at five reasons why.


Why Ryan Finley is the Top Senior Quarterback Prospect



In the Wolfpack offense Finley mainly throws short quick passes to dink and dunk down the field. Whether it is hooks, outs, or in breaking routes Finley is able to get the ball fast and accurate to his receivers. It’s not just that he gets the ball to his receivers, but Finley is able to place the ball in the best position for them to make the catch. Whether it’s leading the receiver, putting it low or even behind he’s able to give the receiver the best spot to make the catch.



Finley has a strong enough arm to make throws down the field and get the ball to his receivers quickly, but what separates Finley is that he’s able to make throws anticipating the receivers to get open. Against Florida State Finley hit an out route making that throw before the receiver even broke outside. Having the ability to make throws like this will only improve his chances of completing passes in the NFL where windows are tighter and defensive backs are much quicker and faster.



On his downfield throws Finely shows the ability to put touch on his throws dropping them into the receiver and over the top of the defenders. Whether its over the middle or down the sideline Finely is able to put the ball along the sideline where only his receivers can get the ball. When you match up his anticipation and touch there may not be a throw that he cannot make.



You’re not going to confuse Ryan Finley with Marcus Mariota or Lamar Jackson but he has enough athletic ability to use his feet to help him out. Whether it’s sliding around in the pocket or make quick moves to avoid sacks he’s able to maneuver around the pocket to make his throws. In the Wolfpack offense they put Finley on the move rolling to his sides to make his throws.


Decision Making

Through all the throws that Finley can make the best thing he does is not put himself into bad situations. Finley rarely forces the ball into tough areas and often puts the ball towards the sideline so that only his receivers can make the plays. Against Florida State Finley was able to read the blitz coming off the edge and quickly hit his hot read completing the ball for a first down.



Ryan Finley may never be an elite quarterback, but he has the traits and tools to be a quality starter in the league that can help lead his team to wins. Through his touch, anticipation and ball placement skills he can picket apart defenses. The biggest thing that Finley needs to improve on is the mental part of the game. Reading defenses, manipulating safeties and going through his progressions. If he can continue to develop in those areas he can be a Andy Dalton type quarterback.

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