2019 NFL Draft Rumors

Best Potential Player/Team Matches in the NFL Draft

February 28, 2019

The NFL Draft is about adding talent to a team to either turn a franchise around or push them over the top without having to make too big a dent in their salary cap situation. But, just as important as adding talent is finding a good fit that will work harmoniously with the rest of a team. These NFL Draft prospects, in particular, would fit in well with the teams being widely projected to draft them if they were to end up at those destinations.

Dwayne Haskins – New York Giants

Last year, the New York Giants chose not to draft a quarterback in the first round, skipping on highly touted prospects like Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen to stick with the aging Eli Manning. That decision didn’t go well for them, as they started the season 1-8 and never had a chance to contend for a playoff spot in the NFC. This year, they are likely to draft Haskins to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur has already stated that he fully expects Manning to be with the team again in 2019, which would be a great situation for a rookie quarterback. Being able to learn from a Super Bowl champion without having to be thrust directly into game action is a luxury that most rookie quarterbacks aren’t afforded. If the Giants want to become contenders again soon, they’ll utilize this near-perfect fit.

Nick Bosa – Arizona Cardinals

The Denver Broncos have proven that a team with a great pass rush can ride it to Super Bowl glory. And with Nick Bosa being the best player available in the 2019 NFL Draft, it would be a great fit for the Arizona Cardinals to take him at number one. If Bosa is anything like his brother Joey, who has been productive for the Los Angeles Chargers, they won’t regret the pick one bit.

When it comes to athleticism, there aren’t many better young players coming into the league than Nick Bosa – defensive end, who in 30 games has had 17 sacks, 77 combine tackles (29 for loss), two forced fumbles with a touchdown, and two passes defended, according to WSN. He is a sack producer of the highest order and should be reasonably healthy given that he sat out the bulk of his final season at Ohio State to focus on getting ready for the pros. If the Cardinals do indeed take him, he will be able to rush quarterbacks alongside Chandler Jones, which might be the most fearsome edge rushing combo in the sport.

Kyler Murray – Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is being linked strongly to Nick Foles right now, which would eliminate their need to draft a quarterback. But drafting Kyler Murray could be a smarter move for a couple of reasons. The Jaguars are already extremely close to going over the salary cap, and getting a player on the rookie wage scale at quarterback would be likely less expensive than whatever Foles will command in free agency.

Secondly, running the ball is what the Jaguars want to do most. Murray’s ability to run and throw would make him an attractive option in the Jacksonville offense, giving them the ability to use run-pass option plays to diversify the offense.

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