Brandon Jones NFL Draft

Brandon Jones NFL Draft Summer Preview

August 8, 2019

A top 100 prospect getting Jones to stay in Texas rather than going Alabama, LSU or Florida State was a big get for the Longhorns. Jones was able to play a key role as a freshman before taking a starting role the past two seasons. Now entering his final year at Texas Brandon Jones is looking for his best season to help elevate his NFL Draft stock. In the Brandon Jones NFL Draft Summer Preview looks at his traits and what his NFL Draft outlook could be.

What Jones Does Well

Utilizing his speed and athletic ability Brandon Jones is at his best coming forward and reacting to the ball. Against the run Jones is very aggressive coming forward as he covers a lot of grass quickly and is able to make contact with the defender while also wrapping up. Jones will also get snaps in the box and shows the power to work his way through blocks and get to the ball.

Against the pass Jones shows good anticipation skills often reading the receiver or quarterback and being able to react and fly to the ball. Whether it is playing in zone coverage or off man over the slot he’s able to use his speed and acceleration to get to the ball or the defender quickly and with force.

Concerns about Jones

Often times Jones has the instincts and anticipation skills to put himself in the right place to make a play but too often he lacks the ball skills to finish. In three years Jones only has one interception and three passes defended. Now for a safety they aren’t expected to have a guady passes defended statistics but the tape backs up those stats and he is often unable to find the ball or even not able to go up to make a play. In today’s pass happy NFL having a safety with good ball skills is

Brandon Jones NFL Outlook

Based on Jones traits and playing he seems like he would be best served as a strong safety in the NFL. Now this isn’t a bad thing and Jones isn’t considered an in the box type of safety. But instead his ability to play a key role in the run game along with his ability to come downhill best suits his game. This also hides some of his weaknesses as he won’t be asked to match up with many receivers or asked to play back deep in coverage. There has been some first round buzz for Jones but he looks more like a Day 2 pick who could go in the late second round or early third round.

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