Brett Rypien Boise State Best NFL Quarterback?

June 11, 2018

Boise State has been the premier Group of 5/Non BCS school for almost two decades while producing over 30 players who have been drafted. While they’ve had Pro Bowl offensive tackles, defensive ends and running backs among quality players at receiver, linebacker and defensive backs. The real only position they’ve struggled to produce is quarterbacks. Kellen Moore has been their top quarterback but he was undrafted, stuck around as a third string quarterback, and then retired to become the Cowboys quarterback coach. Now entering his fourth year as the starter the question presents itself, is Brett Rypien Boise State Best Quarterback Prospect?

Is Brett Rypien Boise State Best Quarterback Prospect?

As we know, the Broncos may be in a Group of 5 Conference, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t played against good defenses or in big time games. Starting since his true freshman year Rypien has 37 starts under his belt and just over 9,800 total passing yards. Rypien has shown to operate like a basketball point guard distributing the ball to all his playmakers.

Rypien is at his best throwing short to intermediate passes getting the ball out quick and accurate to his receivers. Whether it is operating within the pocket or on the move he’s able to show touch and anticipation leading his receivers and dissecting the defense. Showing patience Rypien is comfortable sitting in the pocket and going through his progressions to find an open receiver.

Where Rypien starts to struggle is as the throws get deeper. Rypien shows a lot of inconsistencies with his deep balls where he can over throw three receivers in a row and then come back with a couple of bucket throws. Even when he shows more touch the ball tends to be too far inside or short leaving the ball vulnerable to being intercepted. Not have a great arm and being able to drive the ball could be the issue, Rypien will have to develop more anticiaption if he wants to be an NFL starter.

Can Brett Rypien be an NFL Starter?

Brett Rypien has all the makings of a West Coast Quarterback with his accuarte throws that he can making with good timing. But his projection is more of a caretaker and manager in the mold of an Alex Smith. And if he wants to reach that level of play he not only needs to learn to throw with more anticipation, but take care of the ball better. His 22 career interceptions are not awful, but he can make some crucial errors. Against Oregon in the Bowl game he three two redzone interceptions on poorly thrown balls that should not have been made. Game manager type quarterbacks cannot turn over the ball, let alone in the Redzone.

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