Bryan Mone | Michigan’s Run Stuffer

July 22, 2018

While players like Maurice Hurst, Rashan Gary, Chase Winovich or Devin Bush get all the attention, a big part of their success can be tied to Bryan Mone whose ability to take on blockers allows for less double teams or letting guys like Bush run free. Here we take a look at Bryan Mone and what he can bring to an NFL team.

What Bryan Mone Does Well

At 6’4 325lbs Bryan Mone is a load to deal with causing problems for offensive guards and centers trying to block him by themselves. Along with his size, Mone is strong at the point of attack taking on blocks and using his length and good pad level to create leverage which makes it impossible to move him off his spot. Unlike other nose tackles Mone does show the ability to shed blocks well to help make plays on the gaps to his sides and even get some penetration.


Concerns for Bryan Mone

As is with a lot of the nose tackles, Mone struggles to have a presence as a pass rusher. Lacking a good burst or quick lateral agility it makes it tough for Mone to get past lineman and create the penetration needed. While Mone has some lateral burst that can help him stop the run in his gap he lacks the speed needed to chase the ball down when he has a lane to the ball carrier. These deficiencies can cause him to be a one dimensional player.


Despite his traits profiling him as a nose tackle, Mone should have a lot of interest from a wide variety of teams. He’s got size and enough movement skills that he can play in any defense. He can play a one gap system attacking up field trying to draw a double team or head up on the center playing two gaps he can play both roles. The difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3 is slowly going away, but teams in both base defenses could use Mone. So even with him being an early down run stuffer, he’s going to have a lot of suitors. Look for Mone to have another solid year and he’ll likely be a day three pick come the 2019 NFL Draft.

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