Bryce Perkins NFL Draft

Bryce Perkins | A Quarterback You Need to Know

June 23, 2019

To say that Bryce Perkins has had a roller coaster football career so far is an understatement. But through the ups and downs Perkins has been able to produce at every chance he has gotten. Now entering his final year of his college football career Bryce Perkins is looking to build off a strong 2018 before taking his shot at the NFL Draft.

Bryce Perkins Background

Bryce Perkins comes from a football family as both his dad and uncle played in the NFL and his brother Paul was drafted by the Giants. After leading his high school to their first state championship in over 50 years Perkins committed to his home state Arizona State Sun Devils. But after redshirting during his freshman year Perkins broke his neck during practice. After recovering Perkins landed at Arizona Western Junior College enjoying a solid season which led to an opportunity at Virginia. Perkins continued to shine with the Cavaliers setting school records for total offensive yards (3,603 yards) and 34 total touchdowns.

What Perkins Does Well

As a part of Virginia’s quick strike spread passing attack Perkins thrives getting the ball out of his hands fast and to where his receivers can make plays. Perkins ability to quickly diagnose the defense and then make accurate throws allowed him the ability to get the ball to his receivers in space and rack up yards and touchdowns. Because of his athletic ability the Cavaliers use Perkins’ feet quite a bit and he’s shown the ability to make accurate throws on the run or even be able to get his feet set after rolling out to make throws. Perkins doesn’t throw the ball downfield often but when he does he has shown the ability to put some touch on the ball.

Concerns about Bryce Perkins

The nature of Virginia’s passing attack helps Perkins but getting the ball out quick but it doesn’t give him much of an opportunity to sit in the pocket and read the defense. When his first read is not open he tends to take off or be a bit panicky in the pocket. And because Perkins make so many one read throws he does have the habit of staring down receivers. Without a big arm Perkins will need to continue to develop his anticipation skills, especially downfield where he doesn’t make a ton of throws.

NFL Outlook

With a lot of the physical tools Bryce Perkins has the traits that should give him a shot to be drafted with the idea of being developed. Having good athletic ability and short range accuracy will really benefit him going into the league. He may be best suited to play in an offense that has West Coast principals where he can take advantage of timing routes and quick strikes. Perkins is a fun player to watch and it’s hard not to root for him. I’ll be anxious to see how he develops over his senior year. At this stage it does look as if Perkins has a shot to be drafted and viewed as a career backup and someone who could come in an start a game or two if needed.

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