Cam Akers NFL Draft

Cam Akers Due for a Bounce Back Season?

July 8, 2019

Coming to Florida State as the 3rd rated recruit in the 2017 class, Cam Akers wasted no time rushing for 1,025 yards as a true freshman setting the Florida State record. But after a disappointing sophomore season Cam Akers is looking to bounce back and regain his spot among the college football’s best running backs. As Cam Akers is now NFL Draft eligible we’ll take a look at his traits and see what his potential could be whenever he decides to enter the draft.

What Cam Akers Does Well

Seeing the field well Cam Akers is at his best reacting to the defender and making explosive movements to get where he needs to be. Akers has the ability to make both subtle cuts or even big lateral moves depending on what he needs to do. In zone based runs he’s able to put a foot down and burst through the line or through a cutback lane accelerating to top speed very quickly. When there isn’t anything available or he has to meet a defender in the hole Akers can make a quick lateral cut to either get outside or elude the defender. From there Akers has the acceleration needed to turn the corner and reel off chunk gains.


An explosive back Cam Akers can use his quickness and lateral agility to elude defenders but he often times can struggle to create opportunities on his own. Akers at times can lack the power to run through tackle attempts and far to often he’s seen trying to bounce runs outside rather than going between the tackles. Akers isn’t somebody that will go down at first contact but can get tripped up and taken down a lot easier than other backs within this same class. You also have to wonder if he is a zone blocking scheme fit only as he can thrive in the one cut style but could he have the same success if he has to start and stop and work his way through traffic.

NFL Draft Potential

In the right system Cam Akers has the ability to thrive in the NFL and be a quality starting running back. But some limitations and concerns that he needs a system to get him production take him out of first round selection. Based on this traits you would assume that Akers is a lock to go on day two but depending on who all enters the 2020 NFL Draft the class seems loaded and that could cause a player like Akers to slide down further than he normally would go. 2019 will be a big year for Akers has he looks to bounce back and regain his standing with the rest of the backs in this class.

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