DK Metcalf NFL Draft

DK Metcalf NFL Draft Profile

January 30, 2019

The following is a 2019 DK Metcalf NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the Ole Miss receiver. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL player comparison and his projection. Here at NFL Draft Geek we also like to provide all of our play cut ups, video breakdowns and any other important articles that will give our full view of who we think he is as a prospect.

Height: 6’4″ Weight: 225lbs School: Mississippi


Massive frame. Has great length and is absolutely jacked, will be one of the best performers at the Combine. Great lateral quickness for his size. Feet are sudden and sharp at LOS and allow him to create early separation in his release. Shows a high degree of nuance and variety and in the early stages of his routes. Wins with rapid fire feet, fakes and play strength in his release. Hand use at the LOS is good and combined with upper body strength allows him to defeat physical coverage. Exceptional burst to pull away from defenders vertically and explode out of his breaks. Real burner for his size and eats cushion with long strides. Matchup nightmare downfield, fast enough to outrun coverage and big enough to compete for the ball in jump ball/contested situations. Has flashes dominating DBs at the catch point to secure catches through contact. Very smooth route runner for size with good hip sink and quickness through his breaks. Lateral quickness is rare for size and allows him to separate consistently. Varies tempo with routes to lull DBs to sleep and knows how to attack leverage with angles in his stem. Sells strong vertical push before stopping on a dime for comebacks. Big time ability to fight through contact and address the ball at its highest point. Not super elusive after the catch, but frame and athleticism make him tough to bring down. Has excellent tracking skills and pulls in everything over his shoulder


Needs refinement as a route runner. Doesn’t sell fakes very well or work to set up defenders. NFL DBs may get early jump on routes lacking variation and detail. Will allow the ball into his frame at times and needs to improve addressing the ball away from his frame. Consistency in jump ball and contested catch situations could improve with better use of positioning at the catch point to shut defenders out. Runs a limited route tree and may take time to pick up expanded workload as a route runner. Has some focus drops over the middle


D.K. is a big bodied receiver with tantalizing physical tools. Metcalf has the size to straight up Moss defensive backs and the long speed to run right by them. He is very polished in his release work and wins in a variety of ways at the line. He could stand to improve some in his route running having only run a limited number of routes at Ole Miss, but he shows the smooth change of direction skills and understanding of how to attack leverage to suggest he can improve in this area. Some may be concerned with D.K’s neck injury he sustained in his final year at Ole Miss but he was recently cleared to return to all football activities. However, it will be something to monitor at the Combine.


Metcalf has the tools to go in the top 15 if his neck checks out at the combine. He’s the type of dynamic receiver you can build your passing game around and could become a top WR in the league with his rare combination of size and speed. I have him as a Top 10 prospect in this class and believe he is one of the best receiver prospects we have seen in a while. My pro comparison for D.K is Josh Gordon without the off field issues. Both are big bodied receivers with the ability to challenge defenses deep. They have very similar athletic profiles and can win with their strength and nuance at the line.

Player Comparison: Josh Gordon

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TALE OF THE TAPE – DK METCALF . Through the early portion of the 2018 season, Metcalf has been one of the biggest risers. Going into the season he was viewed as an extremely talented receiver with a rare combination of size and speed, the question was whether he could replicate his production and develop a relatively raw game going into his 2nd season (he's a RS Sophomore). So far, Metcalf has shown not only his physical skillset (which is Calvin Johnson kind of rare) torching corners deep, but he has shown impressive nuance in his release work at the LOS. Metcalf has a good understanding of how to attack defenders at the LOS and does a great job using his hands and lateral quickness to smoke corners at the line. What makes Metcalf so special is he is not only extremely quick, but he has incredible play strength. This allows him to break tackles after the catch, secure the ball in contested catch scenarios and also helps him set up his deadly releases at the line. Metcalf is strong through contact at the catch point and is dominant in jump ball situations because of this. In fact he may have the best ball skills of any receiver in this class, routinely pulling in spectacular one handed catches. I would like to see Metcalf improve his route running, the nuance and set up ability he shows in his release doesn't translate to how he operates in and out of his breaks. If he can add more subtlety to his route running and sink more in and out of his breaks, he has the potential to be a special talent at the NFL level . #nfl #nflfootball #nflupdates #nflnews #nflmvp #sports #instasports #nfldraft #nfldraft2019 #cfb #collegefootball #ncaa #ncaafootball #olemiss #olemissfootball

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PROSPECT HEAD TO HEAD: D.K. METCALF VS. KELVIN HARMON . Hands – I would give Harmon a significant edge here. He is more consistent than Metcalf in contested catch situations and is more consistent extending and securing the ball away from his body . Route Running – I don’t think this is either receivers calling card, but would give Harmon a slight edge. Harmon appears to sell head fakes and double moves better than Metcalf and brings more nuance in his ability to manipulate defenders leverage through the stem . Speed – Metcalf has a big advantage here. He is a true vertical threat with elite speed for his size, Harmon isn't quite the vertical threat Metcalf is . Change of Direction – Metcalf again has a significant edge here. He is a very sudden lateral mover for his size. Harmon isn't as smooth in his change of direction quickness at times and can struggle to separate as a result . Release – This is where Metcalf makes his money, burning defenders at the line. Harmon is no slouch with his release work, but Metcalf is special in this area . Play Strength – Both are big bodied receivers who display a lot of upper body strength allowing them to win at the line, dominate the catch point and stick blocks in the run game . Processing – I would say Harmon is clearly more developed in the mental side of the game at this stage. He does a better job sitting in between zones and manipulating defenders leverage through the stem . RAC – Both are big receivers who can use their size to break some tackles after the catch. Neither are super elusive, but I would say Metcalf’s burst and superior overall athletic ability give him the edge after the catch . Blocking – Both receivers are effective blockers and seem to take pride in that facet of their game. I would say Harmon is a better blocker overall. His technique, size and tenacity make him a dominant presence on the perimeter . #nfl #nfldraft #nfldraft2019 #nflfootball #cfb #collegefootball #ncaafootball #heisman

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