Dalvin Cook Scouting Report

April 2, 2017

RB Dalvin Cook, 5’10 210 Florida State


What He Does Well

Elite speed and acceleration is what makes Dalvin Cook special. Has the ability to accelerate through a crease and then hit an extra gear to separate and run away from defenders. While at top speed Cook is able to make cuts without losing speed allowing him to weave through the defense and reel off long runs. Uses his speed to generate power to run through arm tackles in the second level and in space. Runs with a never quit attitude using acceleration to try and get something out of nothing often twisting and turning to gain additional yards. Has the patience to allow a hole to develop before accelerating through. Shows the ability to make catches both within his frame and outside adjusting to off throws. Used in the screen and short running back routes.



Where He Lacks

While Cook has the speed to hit home runs he does most of his work on the edge and can struggle to run inside maneuvering through traffic. Cook can weave his way and make cuts he struggles to change direction and make quick explosive cuts which were backed up by poor combine agility numbers that saw him testing in the 9th percentile according to 3 Sigma Athlete. Ball security is an issue seeing Cook put the ball on the turf 13 different times through his career along with three multi fumble games. This may cause teams that run man/gap schemes to pass. Off the field issues have followed Cook as he’s had three run ins with the law along with reports of bad influences within his personal circle.



Behind elite speed and cutting ability Cook has carved up ACC defenses since his true freshman season. All Cook needs is a small crease and he’s able to accelerate through the hole and then kick it into an extra gear to reel off long run after long run. When you add in Cook’s ability to factor into the passing game it’s no surprise his talents on the field garner top 20 consideration. However Cook does have his warts as concerns about his ability change direction were highlighted by a poor combine performance that had him finishing in the 9th percentile by NFL running backs. When you look at those concerns and then factor in off the field concerns and Cook has gone from a lock first round pick to a possible second round selection. Cook was cited three times by police while rumors of poor influences have plagued him. There are teams and decision makers that feel he needs to get out of the state of Florida and away from distractions. With all that said, look for Cook to be a top 40 selection. If he lands on a team that runs a zone blocking scheme we could see Cook make an immediate impact.


NFL Comparison: Jamaal Charles


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