NFL Combine Day 2 News

Day 2 NFL Combine News

March 2, 2018

Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Combine is in the books and saw running backs, offensive lineman and specialists go through the Wonderlic Testing and bench press where as the quarterbacks, tight ends and receivers were officially measured. While this may not seem like a lot, having official heights, weights, arm length and hand size can tell us a lot about these prospects. For most NFL teams certain positions have certain thresholds for measurements which could determine whether or not they fit a scheme but could also give us some insight into struggles they may have had or why they have had success. Here is a look at the Day 2 NFL Combine News.

Day 2 NFL Combine News


1. Baker Mayfield Grows

You see this every once in a while when a prospect participates in the Senior Bowl or Shrine Game and then goes on to the NFL Combine and their measurements change. We’ve seen former Arkansas QB Brandon Allen’s hand size improve while Noah Spence’s wingspan grew two inches. The last is Mayfield whose height grew 2/8″ from 6’0 3/8″ in Mobile to now 6’0 5/8″ at the Combine. But that’s now it where his hand size dropped 2/8″ also. That could be the fact that he came late and missed the official weigh in in Mobile and they rushed through it. But in the long run having a change of 2/8″ really isn’t going to be that big of a difference, but it’s worth noting.


2. Barkley Doesn’t Disappoint

Forever we’ve heard about how big of a monster Saquan Barkley is in the weight room, so it wasn’t a surprise when he put up 29 reps at 225lbs. Now does this mean much for a running back, no not really. But what this doses show is that the tales of his workout numbers are no joke. We could be on the verge of one of the greatest combine performances in recent history. Not to be out done Georgia RB Nick Chubb also put up 29 reps.


3. Quenton Nelson Continues to Roll

Yesterday one of the big news bites was that Nelson measured in at OT type numbers which was definitely impressive, but he continued his momentum heading into day two where he put up an impressive 35 reps at the bench. These numbers are not too surprising as Nelson shows good strength and power on the field. Not to be outdone UTEP OG Will Hernandez put up 37 reps further showing his reputation as a physical mauler.


4. Don’t be turned off by Orlando Brown’s poor bench numbers

The bench press isn’t a friendly lift for people with long arms and that was the case for Brown and his 35″ long arms. 14 reps isn’t great but that means nothing to me. Brown wins with his size and length and does show a powerful upper body knocking defenders down and  controlling defenders when he gets his hands on them. Nothing to really see here.


5. Big Handed Receivers

While receivers can have smallish hands and still have success catching the ball, but when you have a receiver with big hands it’s a clear advantage. Two receivers really stood out in their measurements and that was Utah’s Darren Carrington and Memphis Anthony Miller. Miller has 10″ hands which shouldn’t be a surprise as he was a catching machine at Memphis showing an impressive radius and rarely dropped a ball that hit his hands. The bigger surprise was Carrington who not only had 10 3/8″ hands but that was the biggest hands of any receiver this year. Combine that with 32 3/4″ long arms and that only helps him as a downfield threat to go with his elite speed.


6. Billy Price Injury

One of the negatives about the combine is when players are hurt during the drills. That happened here with Billy Price who tore his pec during the bench press. This is a big blow as Price is on the fringe of the first round and he could have really showcased his athletic ability in both testing and on the field drills. Now this shouldn’t hurt him too much, but his chance of really elevating his stock further was wiped away.


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