Day 3 NFL Combine News and Notes

March 2, 2018

Day 3 of the NFL Combine continued today seeing our first look at on the field action. Both offensive lineman and running backs took part in on field timings and drills. While they were working on the field the quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends took part in the Wonderlic Testing and Bench Press. With plenty of going on, here is a look at the Day 3 NFL Combine News and Notes.

Day 3 NFL Combine News and Notes


James Daniels shows off his athletic ability

When watching Daniels on tape you see a good athlete who can make good reach blocks and get out in the run game. That athletic ability showed up at the Combine on the field drills. Daniels moved with ease in the pull drill, the kick step drill and even the mirroring. For teams that want athletic inteior lineman that they can pull and reach block they will love Daniels and it’s clear that you may have to move up into the back end of the 1st round if you want him on your team.


Orlando Brown Disappointing

While the 40 yard dash and a lot of the other timed drills at the Combine don’t really matter to offensive lineman, having really bad numbers can really hurt. That is exactly what happened to Orlando Brown. Now nobody expected Brown at 6’8 345lbs to have great times, but posting a 5.85 40 yard dash and 2.00 10 yard split was not good at all. Before the season I compared Brown to a better version of Zach Banner. While Brown played much better than Banner this past year, at least Banner put up better numbers. Now will this poor performance kill Brown’s stock? Probably not, but it could raise some questions and instead of going in the teens he could slide to the bottom of the first round or possibly the early second round.


Tremaine Edmunds Weigh In

Edmunds has been the apple of a lot of talent evaluators eyes with his combination of size, athletic ability and playmaking ability. But there was some concern among a few that Edmunds may not have a good combine and could possibly measure in smaller than most people think. Instead Edmunds won his Weigh In:

What is more impressive is that Edmunds is this big and this impactful and he’s only 19 years old. This just adds to the allure of him as he is considered a versatile prospect that could fill a number of different roles in a number of different defenses.


Kolton Miller shows off his Movement Skills

Miller has been getting some 1st round buzz and has some good tape out there, but after his on the field workouts your going to need to be more familiar with him. It all started with with a 10’1″ broad jump that sets a new Combine record for offensive lineman. That’s amazing for an offensive lineman, but to do that at 6’9 310lbs is even better. While participating in the football drills Miller also showed good lateral agility and looked fluid sliding from side to side. Without a true leader in the OT group a guy like Miller really impressed today.


Lamar Jackson Being Asked to Do WR Drills

Should we really be surprised that “several” teams have asked that Lamar Jackson participate in some receiver drills?  While most draft analysts view Jackson as a quarterback prospect, we’ve heard several prominent national draft analysts suggest that he could be viewed as a receiver in the NFL. There is a chance that those analysts are hearing from their sources about this. Do you blame NFL teams either? Jackson is such a dynamic athlete that teams want to get the ball into his hands in space and he looks like he’ll need some time to develop as a quarterback. Now we also have to remember that just because some teams view him as a WR, it’s not everybody and the Ravens have already stated they view him as a QB. So it’s worth noting, but let’s not get too bent out of shape about it.


Ronald Jones hurts Hamstring

Much like prospects tearing their pectoral during the bench, we tend to have prospects pull their hamstring during the 40. That happened here with Ronald Jones which explains his 4.66 time. Anybody that watches Jones on tape knows how explosive he can be and the speed that he possesses. This a bummer for Jones who could have really benefited by putting up a 4.4 or 4.3 time, but in the long run it won’t matter. Hopefully Jones is healthy by his Pro Day and is able to put up a good number there.

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