DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf | Ready to Explode

August 17, 2018

Football is a family affair for DK Metcalf as his father (Terrence), uncle (Eric) and grandpa (Terry) all played in the NFL, so it’s only fitting that DK has made an impact early in his career. After missing most of his freshman season Metcalf broke through providing a big play threat for the explosive Rebels passing attack. As Metcalf enters his third year with the Rebels it’s a great time to look at his traits and what his NFL future could be.


What DK Metcalf Does Well

At 6’4 225lbs DK Metcalf is a big receiver by any standards and how he plays shows that he understands how to use his size to his advantage. Metcalf’s biggest strength is his ability to win contested catches. Whether it’s downfield, over the middle or in the redzone his ability to go get the ball and come down with it will be a trait that his quarterbacks will love. Adding to his ability to go up and get the ball, Metcalf shows a solid catching radius that allows him to pluck errant throws out of the air and make difficult catches. As a downfield threat Metcalf shows the ability to accelerate to top speed allowing him to stretch the field and even run past some defenders.


Concerns about DK Metcalf

While Metcalf is a big athlete he’s not very sudden and will need to build up his speed. Metcalf is also a very raw route runner as the Rebel offense doesn’t ask him to run many routes that has him come in and out of breaks. Instead he often runs speed routes where he rounds off is routes or has him just go downfield. While his skill set has him go up and get the ball, we’ve seen receivers struggle in the NFL who come from spread offenses who were not asked to run many different routes.



Metcalf is only going to be a redshirt sophomore and has only 14 games of college football to his name. But what we do know is that Metcalf is a touchdown machine in the redzone with 9 career touchdowns. Receivers like Mike Evans and DeAndre Hopkins do not create a ton of separation on a consistent basis but they are elite contested catchers with good catching radius. But we just saw in the 2018 NFL Draft guys like Auden Tate and Simmie Cobbs who are big contested catchers either go undrafted or not be taken till the 7th round. What also doesn’t help Metcalf is former Rebel Laquan Treadwell has struggled so far in the NFL and he came into the league as being a contested catcher with raw route running ability. If Metcalf is going to be considered an elite receiver he’ll need to work towards improving his ability to go in and out of cuts or just show he’s a beat at the catch point. The good thing for him is he still has plenty of time to show this.

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