Falcons GM says Kyle Pitts was an easy pick at No. 4 overall

Former Florida Gators and current Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts was considered by many respected scouts and NFL draft analysts to be the top non-quarterback prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. It was an extraordinary distinction for Pitts considering the lack of value tight end traditionally holds in the first round.

Pitts isn’t your traditional tight end, though. He’s the closest thing to a unicorn in this year’s rookie class because his tight end profile camouflages his wide receiver skill set. Pitts might be closer to Calvin Johnson than Darren Waller. A scary thought, indeed.

And that’s why the pick was a no-brainer for the Falcons at No. 4 overall. Paired with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, Pitts adds a scary third option for QB Matt Ryan in 2021 and beyond. He could become the team’s best red-zone option as early as this season, too.

General manager Terry Fontenot confirmed in a recent interview that there was no doubt Atlanta was taking Pitts with their first-round pick.

“No way we weren’t drafting Kyle Pitts right there on the spot,” Fontenot said. “I talked to a lot of former general managers and assistant general managers and people I respect in the business, and everyone else, they made that same pick.

“We did have an open line and we listened to teams, and you have to listen and see if there is going to be compensation that just knocks your socks off. So, we listened and we didn’t have any offers that really moved the meter in that way.”

Bryan Perez

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