Hunter Renfrow the Next Elite Slot WR

June 17, 2018

With the NFL adopting so many spread concepts and quick strike attacks the need for quick receivers has increased more and more every year. While the New England Patriots have set the standard for using these receivers, more and more teams are seeking their guy including the Browns who paid Jarvis Landry $75 million. As we continue to look towards the 2019 NFL Draft Hunter Renfrow clearly stands out as a receiver that we really need to pay attention to.

Is Hunter Renfrow the Next Elite Slot Receiver

When Clemson won the national championship they had Mike Williams and Jordan Leggett as big body targets for Deshaun Watson, but it was Hunter Renfrow who was making clutch catches and helping move the chains. Renfrow thrives using quickness in and out of breaks to create separation from the defensive backs. What separates Renfrow from other slot receivers is he does much more than just running short routes as he’s able to work down the field using that same quickness at the stem to get open and get chunk yardage.

For as good as he is running routes, Renfrow has the hands to match. Renfrow has shown the ability to adjust to off target throws outside of his body. Providing a reliable receiver in the short to intermediate routes that can create separation it’s clear why he is a favorite target for his quarterbacks.

The Potential of Hunter Renfrow

Renfrow will unlikely be considered a high level receiver prospect and unlikely be a first round draft pick. However the receivers that we’ve seen come into the NFL and contribute right away have been the ones that understand how to create separation. The player that Renfrow may want to replicate is Giants Sterling Shepherd was was drafted high in the second round, but it’s Patriots Julian Edelman that Renfrow best resembles. Both Edelman and Renfrow are the same size while both having elite quickness and explosion.

One thing that Renfrow could do to help increase his impact is contribute on special teams as a punt returner.  Renfrow did return some kicks and punts during his freshman year but hasn’t done so since. His traits suggestion that he’d do well and it would only increase his value.

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