2022 NFL Draft Order

Jaguars’ Week 16 loss to Jets has them one step closer to No. 1 overall pick

With just two weeks remaining in the 2021 NFL season, the first ten picks of the 2022 NFL draft are really beginning to take shape. The most important selection — the No. 1 overall — came one step closer to being resolved with the Jacksonville Jaguars’ loss to the New York Jets in Week 16.

Jacksonville entered the game with just two wins compared to the Jets’ three. Had the outcome been different, the top of the draft would’ve undergone a seismic shift. Instead, the Jaguars remain just ahead of the 2-12-1 Detroit Lions, and with just two games left to play, have a two-game gap between the team that holds the third-overall pick, the Houston Texans (4-11).

Here’s the updated top-10 of the 2022 NFL draft entering Sunday night’s Washington vs. Dallas game:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-13)
2. Detroit Lions (2-12-1)
3. Houston Texans (4-11)
4. New York Jets (4-11)
5. New York Giants (4-11)
6. Carolina Panthers (5-10)
7. New York Jets (from Seattle 5-10)
8. New York Giants (from Chicago 5-10)
9. Washington Football Team (6-8)
10. Atlanta Falcons (7-8)

The No. 1 pick is still within reach for the Lions, although their Week 17 game against the Seattle Seahawks is very winnable, whereas the Jaguars will face the playoff-bound New England Patriots. That’s an ‘L’ for sure. Detroit should lose their Week 18 game against the Green Bay Packers, but with the Jacksonville facing off against the Tennessee Titans in the season finale, it’s certainly feeling like the Jags are on the clock.

Bryan Perez

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