What the Buffalo Bills should expect from Georgia QB Jake Fromm

Jake Fromm Buffalo Bills NFL Draft

The Buffalo Bills selected former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL draft, ending what was an excruciating wait for the Bulldogs star.

Fromm’s slide into Day 3 was expected. His arm strength (or lack of it) is a big negative in his scouting report and his performance at the 2020 NFL Combine didn’t help his cause. His passes lacked the necessary velocity to get excited about his potential to one day become a quality NFL starter.

But that doesn’t mean Fromm can’t have a long and lucrative pro career. In fact, few jobs are as sustainable and low-risk as the backup quarterback gig, and Fromm has a chance to secure that role behind Buffalo’s current starter, Josh Allen.

Will Fromm maximize his NFL opportunity?

Allen was selected by the Bills in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft and his first two seasons in the league have been promising. But if there’s one thing that could eventually haunt Allen, it’s his sometimes reckless style of play when he takes off to run. At some point, he’s going to take one hit too many and an unexpected opportunity for Fromm to get playing time isn’t out of the question.

If Fromm gets that shot, there’s no reason to believe he won’t do well. If the Bills play to his strengths — intermediate throws predicated on timing and anticipation — he’ll be fine. Fromm is an extremely smart player who’s proven he can make up for what he lacks in his arm by outsmarting opposing defenses. The NFL is a faster game, and passing windows aren’t open nearly as long as they are in the SEC, so Fromm has to prove he can at least check the minimum boxes as a passer. It won’t take long into the preseason before we know the answer to that.

Swinging on a quarterback prospect like Fromm, especially later in the draft, is never a bad decision. At worst, Fromm washes out of the league after a few uninspiring seasons on the practice squad. At best, he acclimates to the NFL game and becomes a viable spot-starter. Guys like that are extremely valuable and usually end up outplaying their draft position.

The Bills, if nothing else, upgraded the football smarts in the quarterback room.

Bryan Perez

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