Joe Burrow NFL Draft

Joe Burrow NFL Draft Profile

January 19, 2020

The following is a Joe Burrow NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the LSU quarterback. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting positives and concerns while looking at his NFL player comparison, projection while providing game clips and any other articles and information about him.

Joe Burrow NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’4 Weight: 216 School: LSU


  • Tremendous deep accuracy touch dropping the ball into the receiver
  • Deadly Short accuracy hitting receivers in stride with catchable balls
  • Decisive decision maker whose able to make quick reads
  • Good anticipation making throws before or as receivers make their breaks.
  • Elite pocket movement whose able to sense pressure and make quick moves.
  • Takes care of the ball who doesn’t put the ball into bad situations.
  • Uses a quick release to be able to get ball out fast
  • Has a knack for making something out of nothing.


  • One year wonder? Junior season was average at best while Senior Season was great.
  • Was his production due to three 1st round receivers and a perceived offensive guru revamping passing attack?
  • Can struggle with accuracy outside the hashes on intermediate throws.
  • Can get in the habit of running around in the backfield trying to make something happen.
  • Can take some big hits when scrambling around and can learn to slide better.


No quarterback has taken a bigger leap than Joe Burrow has from his junior year where he looked like a late route flyer to now being the consensus number one overall pick. Once the LSU Tigers opened up their offense and let Joe Burrow sling it around he was able to show off his arm talent and reel off one of the greatest seasons we’ve seen out of a college quarterback in years. As a thrower Burrow’s best strength is his ball placement as he’s able to hit receivers in stride to help them get yards after the catch. This is even more evident on his downfield throws where he is able to put some air under his throws and drop the ball over the defender and right into the receiver. On his short throws Burrow can show a quick release and good timing to hit his receivers in stride. Where Burrow could improve in on his intermediate throws, especially outside the hashes where the ball can tend to float at times leading to pass breakups and off target throws.

For as good as Burrow is as a thrower he’s even better with his pocket movement. Burrow does a good job of sensing pressure and then using his quick lateral agility to elude the defender to either climb up in the pocket. What adds to his pocket movement is Burrow also keeps his eyes down the field as he moves allowing him to see the receivers coming open. The only negative in Burrow’s decision making is he tends to try an extend plays too long at times and will leave him vulnerable to a big hit.


Based on his senior season Joe Burrow is very worthy of the first overall pick showing next level traits and showing that he has what it takes to be a day 1 starter. However as good as Burrow has been in 2019 he doesn’t have the elite upside that players like Andrew Luck and Payton Manning had when they came out. Production wise he looks to be a Matt Ryan type of quarterback prospect who can be a top 10 quarterback but may not be one of the leagues elite.

NFL Comparison: Tony Romo


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