Josh Rosen NFL Draft Profile

February 14, 2018

The following is a 2018 Josh Rosen NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the UCLA signal caller. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL comparison and his projection. Here at NFL Draft Geek we also like to provide all of our play cut ups, video breakdowns and any other important articles that will give our full view of who we think he is as a prospect.

Josh Rosen NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’4  Weight: 226  School: UCLA Bruins


  • Played in an NFL style offense taking snaps under center and turning his back to the defense on play action.
  • The model for flawless mechanics
  • Is able to manipulate defensive backs with his eyes and pump fakes
  • Quick release allows him to get the ball out fast to his receivers on short throws
  • Shows the ability to throw with anticipation
  • Has the arm strength to drive the ball downfield and fit the ball into tight areas
  • Shows good accuracy on short to intermediate throws putting the ball where the receiver can make plays
  • Has the touch that allows him to drop the ball over defenders to receivers on deep throws
  • Willing to stay in and take a hit to deliver a pass


  • Lacks good pocket mobility that makes it difficult for him to avoid sacks
  • Can be too aggressive trying to fit balls into coverage which leads to interceptions
  • At times can lock onto receivers leading to defensive backs to jump routes or make plays on the ball easier
  • Rumor and innuendo of poor attitude/entitlement/lacking leadership.
  • Injuries have cut his season short the past two years. Knee and Concussion.


Josh Rosen is your prototypical pocket passer that has thrived in the NFL for the last twenty years. Rosen wins sitting in the pocket and using his flawless mechanics and arm talent to pick apart defenses. Rosen doesn’t have elite arm strength but his arm is strong enough to drive the ball into tight situations and make accurate bucket throws down the field. The strength of Rosen’s game is his accuracy at all three levels and the ability to throw receivers open with anticipation and timing. Where Rosen runs into trouble is when he has to move within the pocket because of pressure. Rosen isn’t a statue by any means but he lacks the suddenness to elude defenders and will at times run into a sack.

Red Flags

The biggest cause of concern that teams may have with Rosen is his perceived attitude issues. Reports are murky with teammates vouching for him, so how his team interviews go will be crucial for him to dispel those rumors.


Rosen is the most NFL ready of any of the quarterbacks in this draft class and a team needing someone to come in right away and start will look to target him. Rosen should be one of the first two picks, but I’d be shocked to see him fall past the Broncos or Jets depending on where Kirk Cousins lands in free agency.


Player Comparison: Matt Ryan


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