Ke'Shawn Vaughn NFL Draft

Ke’Shawn Vaughn NFL Draft Summer Preview

July 31, 2019

A four star recruit out of Nashville Vaughn spurned in state schools to head to Illinois where he enjoyed an 842 yard 6 touchdown season with the Illini. But after seeing his carries cut by more than half under new head coach Lovie Smith, Vaughn headed back home to Nashville and joined the Vanderbilt program looking to get back to what he started as a freshman. And that is just what happened as Vaughn had 1,414 yards from scrimmage and 12 touchdowns. Now back for his final year of college Ke’Shawn Vaughn is looking to build off his junior season in efforts to improve his NFL Draft stock.

What Ke’Shawn Vaughn Does Well

With the ball in his hands Vaughn is a smooth runner whose able to weave through traffic. To do this Vaughn utilizes good vision to see holes developing or defenders coming free and then his agility and burst to get where he needs to be. When the defenders engage with him he shows tremendous contact balance that allows him to absorb body blows while also requiring defenders to drive him to the ground or gang tackle him. Vaughn isn’t used a ton in the passing game but does show soft hands to make catches both inside and out of his frame.

Concerns about Vaughn

While Ke’Shawn Vaughn does a lot of things well he’s not an overly dynamic back that is going to create for himself. Sure Vaughn can make a lateral cut but he’s not explosive and will not make many defenders miss. In the passing game Vaughn shows quality hands but he isn’t asked to run many routes other than basic running back routes.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn NFL Draft Outlook

If you’re looking for a dynamic running back to build your offense around then Ke’Shawn Vaughn is not going to be your guy. But if you need a reliable back that can a lot of things well than he can be your guy. Vaughn is your typical doubles hitter who runs with good vision and has enough burst and wiggle to take advantage of it. He reminds me a lot of Alfred Morris where in the right system he can be a teams starter and have a solid career.

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