Kingsley Keke

Kingsley Keke | A&M Defensive Lineman You Need to Know

August 23, 2018

In his three years so far with the Aggies Kingsley Keke has be a big part of their defensive line but while he doesn’t fill up the stat column his impact is much more. But that could change as the Aggies have changed over their coaching staff and the two gapping scheme of John Chavis is gone and in comes Mike Elko’s aggressive one gap approach. Here is a look at why Kingsley Keke could breakout in 2018.


Why Kingsley Keke Could Breakout

The biggest trait that Kingsley Keke has is his ability to burst off the line of scrimmage. In the previous defense his get off wasn’t as viable because he would often have to engage with the offensive guard first negating his advantage. Under Mike Elko’s one gap system he’ll be able to shoot gaps more consistently using that burst to get to the edge of the guards and tackles where he can use his pass rushing moves (swim and rip) to into the backfield and attack the quarterback.

Keke also moves well laterally and which should help his ability to get past lineman while pass rushing, but also in the run game. Whether it’s on stunts and twists or just taking on blocks he shows the ability to make a move to his side along with hand usage to get off blocks and make plays. While Keke is an explosive player moving forward he does show the power to take on blocks and hold the point of attack against double teams.



2018 should be a big year for Kingsley Keke and it wouldn’t shock me to see him finish with eight or more sacks on the season playing a more aggressive defense. Having a big season will be big for his NFL future as teams want a defensive tackles who can rush the passer. Keke has starter upside but he needs to show that he can take over games at times if he wants to be considered an early round pick. But Keke’s floor is pretty high also as he seems to fit in any type of defense in any type of front and should be a solid back at worse.

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