KJ Costello

KJ Costello | Stanford’s Next NFL Quarterback

May 24, 2019

Stanford has a rich history of quarterbacks in the NFL with the likes of Jim Plunkett, John Elway and most recently Andrew Luck all have success in the league. Even Kevin Hogan was drafted and is the current backup in Denver. The next in line could be current senior KJ Costello. Let’s take a look at what Costello does well, where he struggles and what his projection is.

What KJ Costello Does Well

While it seams very cliché to say that a Stanford quarterback is smart but when you watch Costello you can tell he understands the mental part of the game as he often is making calls at the line of scrimmage and helping set the protection. From there Costello is able to throw accurate in short to intermediate while showing the ability to throw with touch down the field.

Where KJ Costello Struggles

The biggest issue that Costello struggles with his he is a see and throw passer. Instead of anticipating where the receiver will be, Costello has to actually see the receiver get open before he makes his throws. And because of this he often has to stare down his target which combined with the defensive back’s being able to react to the receiver making their cut often leads to more contested catches and more incompletions.


Heading into the 2019 College Football season you are going to see a lot of love for KJ Costello as he’ll likely be in the top 5 of several early 2020 Quarterback rankings. And while Costello shows some promise, I just have way too many questions to have him ranked high. While Costello can show touch down the field and he had 29 touchdowns in 2018 he also was able to just throw the ball up to JJ Arcega-Whiteside who basically just boxed out small cornerbacks.

Costello also threw for 14 interceptions and a big part of that is the see and throw nature of his game along with some questionable decision making. If Costello is able to show that he can improve on making throws with anticipation then he can have success. However he’s likely going to be over drafted because he’s a Stanford quarterback and be nothing more than a backup in the league.

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