Kyler Murray NFL Draft

Kyler Murray NFL Draft Profile

February 13, 2019

The following is a Kyler Murray NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the Oklahoma QB. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting strengths and weaknesses while looking at his NFL player comparison and his projection

Kyler Murray NFL Draft Profile

Height: 5’10” Weight: 195lbs School: Oklahoma


Phenomenal natural arm talent with the functional arm strength to make every throw on the field. Generates plenty of zip to all levels through strong lower body and tendency to torque off back hip. Exceptional thrower off platform and on the move. Able to maintain his accuracy and still generate plenty of heat on off platform throws. Effortlessly mixes touch and zip, varying the pace of the throw depending on the coverage and how he can give his receiver the best chance to make a play.

One of Murray’s standout traits at the minute is his deep ball. Rarely do you see a bad deep miss from Murray. Everything is catchable and more often than not, is floated over the receivers shoulder where the defender can’t make a play on the ball. Throws the ball well over the middle of the field on intermediate range throws. He has proven more than capable of testing closing windows over the middle. Additionally, he knows how to place the ball relative to the coverage enabling his receiver the best shot at coming down with the catch.

Murray has some nice moments managing the pocket. He anticipates blitzes well and does a good job speeding up his process when he feels blitzes closing in. Has an innate feel for edge pressure and as the season went on he showed more willingness to step up into space, instead of scrambling, when he detects the edge collapsing. Possesses the mobility to make subtle movements to beat free rushers.

Flashes the ability to make anticipatory throws to the sideline, anticipating the receivers break and getting the ball out quickly. Throughout the season, he showed the ability to work from one half of the field to the other in his reads but, consistency is lacking in this area.

Explosive athlete with rare athletic traits for a QB. Short strider with sudden change of direction quickness and instant burst. Will always look to protect himself when scrambling and won’t take unnecessary shots.

Mechanically Murray is pretty advanced for a 1 year starter. He has a quick and clean release with no wasted motion in his upper body mechanics. Aligns his feet with his eyes and does a good job following through and shifting his weight through the throw


Murray’s accuracy in the quick passing game comes and goes. Too often hurries his throwing process and doesn’t establish a sound throwing base when getting the ball out quick. Ultimately this leads to misplaced balls and forces his receivers to adjust for the football.

Within the pocket, Murray needs to improve at finding spots to step up into and do a better job finding exit points. Given his frame, Murray’s tendency to fall off in the pocket is unsurprising. Stepping up will make his sight lines and throwing lanes muddier and is perhaps a factor in his hesitation. Too often he will bail out the back off the pocket or, drop his eyes to run as opposed to correctly maneuvering in the pocket to evade pressure and deliver passes.

Perhaps the biggest concern I have with Murray is his ability to get through his progressions and make good decisions with the football. His ability to ID coverages post snap is a concern and as a result he can leave plays on the field. He will be slow to move off his initial read at times and consistency working late into his progressions is lacking. At times he struggles to correctly ID safety leverage and this leads to ill advised throws. In the face of pressure Murray has a tendency to force the issue to his primary read, a habit he will need to break at the next level


Despite lacking anywhere close to ideal size, Murray is a very ‘toolsy’ QB. He possesses a rare combination of arm talent, accuracy and mobility, giving him an incredibly high ceiling. There are still areas for him to improve. Predominantly as a processor post snap and with his consistency throwing in the short passing game, but the tools to develop are special.


Murray may not fit what every NFL team is looking for but a creative offensive coordinator will be able to create a dynamic offense around Murray. Whilst Murray is far from a safe pick, he offers significant upside due to his rare physical tools. Not only a dynamic running threat, Murray’s natural traits as a passer are apparent and his game is littered with shades of a pocket sized Pat Mahomes. In the right situation, Murray can be one of the most explosive QBs in the league and a well above average starter. Murray graded out as my number 1 QB in the 2019 NFL Draft and received a first round grade.

Pro Comparison: Russell Wilson/Pat Mahomes

Grade: 1st Round

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PROSPECT HEAD TO HEAD: KYLER MURRAY VS DWAYNE HASKINS . Accuracy – Murray's placement varies when getting the ball out quick and he forces adjustments from his WRs. Haskins shows superior accuracy in the quick game and in the intermediate areas of the field. He can thread the ball between zones over the middle and routinely hits receivers in stride. Murray does have superior natural deep ball accuracy routinely dropping the ball over the receivers shoulder, something Haskins struggles with . Reads/Decision Making – Clear win for Haskins here. His processing of coverage post snap, ability to work late into progressions and pre snap anticipation are at a much higher level than Murray's . Pocket Management – Murray has some struggles finding space in the pocket to step up into. However, his mobility is a real asset escaping pressure and he does a good job anticipating blitzes. On the other hand, Haskins has a solid feel for stepping up against edge pressure but, he fails to set his base with pressure closing in and his overall feel for time in the pocket is a concern. Both have good moments managing the pocket but neither excel here. Tie . Arm Talent – In terms of velocity generated on throws, I don't think much separates these 2. Murray's natural ability to adjust his arm angle, velocity and maintain accuracy on the move give him the edge here . Mobility – Maybe we should ask Stephen A about this one… Clearly this is a win for Kyler. Haskins lack of mobility is apparent to anyone who actually watches the tape. We all know how explosive Kyler is . Mechanics – Both have a quick release and pretty clean upper body mechanics. Haskins can really let his base get away from him and it impacts his consistency placing the ball. Murray does a good job following through on his throws and more often than not aligns his feet with his eyes. I'd give Kyler the win here . Who do you think is QB1 in the 2019 NFL Draft? . #nfl #nflfootball #nflupdates #nflnews #sports #nfldraft #nfldraft2019 #cfb #collegefootball #ncaa #ncaafootball #nflplayoffs #nflcombine #kylermurray

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KYLER MURRAY: WHAT IF? . When asked about whether he intends to pursue football professionally Kyler recently said, ‘I think that’s something me and my family will have to talk about… and weigh out the options of what the NFL thinks of me.’ So I decided to dive into Murray’s tape from this season to see how his game would translate to the next level . What He Does Well – Murray is a rare combination of arm talent and athletic ability. Immensely sudden and agile, Murray also has the long speed to house it from anywhere on the field. Does a good job protecting himself outside of the pocket by sliding and running out of bounds. Incredible natural arm talent. He can generate excellent velocity on his throws and the ball always arrives with plenty of zip. His range also looks impressive throwing downfield. Even when he is late to throw, he still gets the ball to his intended target 50-60 yards downfield with ease. Murray isn’t only a fastball thrower, he shows great command on touch throws and does a good job putting some air on the ball. Has the ability to squeeze the ball into tight windows and remains incredibly accurate when on the run or off platform. Leads receivers over the middle of the field and adjusts placement to coverage well. Deep ball is excellent and always laid out in front of the receiver. Shows solid footwork, aligns his feet with his target and torque’s through throws well, allowing him to get maximum velocity on the ball . Where He Struggles – Murray isn’t a perfect prospect and has some clear weaknesses that go beyond stature. First and foremost, Murray is not an anticipatory thrower and relies on seeing receivers get open. Does not show the ability to throw the ball before a receiver gets out of their break or anticipate throwing lanes opening in between zones. He is also not a quick trigger decision maker. Murray does not process defenses particularly quickly post snap and holds the ball too long in the pocket. Scheme has a lot of designed one read throws and he seems to struggle working off of his first target as a result. . #nfl #nfldraft #nfldraft2019 #boomersooner #nflfootball #cfb #collegefootball #kylermurray #ncaafootball #heisman

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