Levonta Taylor | 3 Facts to Know

May 17, 2019

Coming out of Virginia Beach Levonta Taylor was a prized recruit as the number one cornerback and the 10th best recruit according to Rivals. Taylor wasn’t just hype as he came in to Florida State and made an impact as a true freshman despite playing through a few injuries. Taylor could have easily entered the 2019 NFL Draft but decided to come back to Florida State for his senior season. Here are 3 Facts you should know about Levonta Taylor.

3 Facts to Know about Levonta Taylor

Fluid Movement

One of the first things you’ll notice when watching Taylor is how fast his feet move. This is adventitious for Taylor because he’s able to be patient off the snap and then quickly make his move to react to the receiver rather than having to guess or play catch up. Along with his quick feet he’s able to fluidly change direction to stick with receivers in and out of breaks.  This helps Taylor in press coverage as he’s able to flip his hips off the line to run with receivers or when he plays in off coverage to react and cover up the receiver.


Part of the his foot quickness allows him to to get in the right position, but Taylor is also a quick twitch athlete whose able to make explosive movements. This helps as he’s able to react fast to the ball in the air or fly to the ball in the run game. This also benefits him when he leaps to play the ball in the air.


Listed at 5’10 181lbs Levonta Taylor does not have an imposing physical presence. However that doesn’t limit Taylor as his height is only a number and he plays much bigger than that. Taylor can hold his ground in the run game not getting pushed around allowing him to shed and make plays on the ball. In the pass game he uses his explosive leaping ability to go up and make plays on the ball either knocking it away or breaking up the hands of the receiver to cause an incomplete pass.

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