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Liam Eichenberg | Next Irish Tackle Up

August 21, 2019

From Zach Martin to Ronnie Stanley to Mike McGlinchey the Notre Dame Fighting Irish left tackle position has been a breading ground to successful offensive lineman. The latest inline is Liam Eichenberg who replaced McGlinchey. As Liam Eichenberg enters his red-shirt junior year we take a look at what he does well, what concerns we have along with his NFL Draft outlook.

What Eichenberg Does Well

Eichenberg is an easy mover who can protect the edge against speed rushers. He also uses his fluidity to get to the second level as a run blocker, making him a great fit for a zone blocking scheme. This ability to protect the quarterback and some functionality as a run blocker make him a very promising left tackle prospect.

Concerns about Eichenberg

Eichenberg isn’t particularly powerful and won’t get a ton of push one on one. This shows up in his pass blocking as well, having a less than ideal anchor against power rushers. This can lead to trying to overcompensate and create technical issues that I don’t think would be there if he were a little stronger. I’m also slightly concerned about his length (6’5) although at this point it isn’t a real problem for him.

Liam Eichenberg NFL Draft Outlook

Eichenberg is going into his red-shirt junior year, so he can certainly develop more power to his game. If he shows that combined with his impressive movement abilities then expect to see him fly up draft boards and likely be a first round pick. If you liked a guy like Andre Dillard in last year’s class, I’d imagine you’ll really like what Eichenberg brings to the table as well.

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