Najee Harris NFL Draft

Najee Harris | Alabama’s Next Power Back

July 5, 2019

Not only was Alabama able to lure Najee Harris all the way from California to Tuscaloosa but in doing so they got the number one high school recruit in the nation. But when your Alabama and you’ve been the most dominant program in the nation and put countless running backs into the NFL, this likely wasn’t a tough decision for Harris. Now Najee Harris is entering his third year on campus and is NFL Draft eligible. Here we’ll take a look at what Harris does well, some

What Najee Harris Does Well

At 6’2 229lbs Najee Harris looks like a big physical back and he plays like one too. Combining that size, balance and the power he can generate with speed and makes it very difficult for defenders to get him to the ground. Harris’ feet never stop moving and that means that if you want to get him down you’re going to have to wrap him up and either drive him to the ground or hold on and hope that teammates are on their way.

Combined with his contact balance Najee Harris also showcases good vision that allows him to see running lanes and holes open and develop so that he can attack them to reel off yards. Whether it is a defender coming off a block or a backside lane he’s able to see it develop and then make the lateral cut or just put a foot down and go.

Concerns about Najee Harris

While having good contact balance and vision are very beneficial to Harris and he does have the burst to hit the hole. But too often Harris only takes what is given to him. He’s not overly elusive and thus has benefited greatly by the Crimson Tide having a strong offensive line. A smooth runner he’s able to change direction and make cuts but he’s not very explosive nor fast and will really limit his production. Harris will struggle when he has to move laterally and isn’t going to make defenders miss.

NFL Potential

Based on his traits and production it’s clear that Harris has the potential to be a NFL starter. But that may be his ceiling. Harris lacks the explosiveness and lateral agility to really make him an elite back. But in a scheme that allows him to run more north and south and let him build up his speed which will make him even tougher to tackle. Playing in Alabama’s offense he has been able to go out and show his skill set, but with the likes of Josh Jacobs and Damien Harris sharing carries he doesn’t have the ware and tear on his body. 2019 will be the year of Harris as he should be the featured back and will be interesting to see how he does in that role. Based on his traits and potential he seems like a third round back that can be a good compliment to a more explosive outside runner.

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