What is Next for the Miami Dolphins QB Position?

August 3, 2017


If you been away from the Internet today you didn’t hear that Ryan Tannehill went down with a injury during practice with many fearing the worst. While it is still early and Tannehill may only have hyper-extension of the knee there are some that believe that he tore his ACL and could be out for the entire year. If Tannehill happens to be out for the year (It’s still very early) where will the Dolphins turn?

The first reaction would be towards current backup Matt Moore. Moore has experience starting in the NFL and even finished out the 2016 season when Tannehill went down with an injury. Moore is a good backup and can hold the fort down, however for a team that is angling for a return to the playoffs, they may turn elsewhere.

The first name that got brought up when the news broke was that of recently retired Tony Romo. Romo might be the best quarterback that isn’t signed to a team but it was Romo who passed up a reportive chance to play for the Broncos and/or Texans, so what makes you think he’d return to the Dolphins?

The real big question that looms, are the Dolphins the team that would take a chance of Colin Kaepernick? The much maligned quarterback is still a free agent and considered toxic by half of the population. Kaepernick isn’t a great quarterback, but has shown the ability to win games in the NFL and could be a stopgap candidate or even a backup to Moore at the minimum. One thing that goes in Kaepernick’s favor is that the Dolphins are a run oriented team that has taken advantage of Tannehill’s athletic ability. The Big question is will Owner Steve Ross sign off on him? South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter Omar Kelly seems to believe so.


One name to consider that could end up being the option if Tannehill is out for the year is Jay Cutler. Much like Romo, Cutler is recently retired and poised for the announcing booth. Why most people think Cutler is hot garbage, the perception of Cutler is vastly overblown. Not to mention that Cutler had one of his best seasons of his career when Gase was the Bears offensive coordinator. That season saw Cutler have his best QB rating and his second fewest interceptions throw. And as you see below, the two are still close.


With this injury it also raises the question should the Dolphins spend a draft pick on a quarterback? While I’m not saying that the Dolphins should dump Tannehill, but the Dolphins quarterbacks after him and Moore are David Fales and Brandon Doughtry. Would spending a Day 3 pick on a quarterback with upside be something to look forward to in 2018?

Here is a list of QBs that could be available on Day 3 that have some starter upside:

Austin Allen, Arkansas
Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State
Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
Riley Furgeson, Memphis

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