NFL Combine Day 1 News

NFL Combine Day 1 News

February 27, 2019

The 2019 NFL is underway as we see coaches and GMs taking questions while the running backs and offensive lineman going through measurements. Just because there is no on field drills, doesn’t mean that we don’t learn anything about today. Listed below are the NFL Combine Day 1 News and Notes highlighting the best from the day.

NFL Combine Day 1 News and Notes

Could Raiders go DT at 4?

Sometimes it pays to read between the lines while other times you may feel that you are stretching. But the Oakland Raiders are a team that needs pass rushing help (after trading away Khalil Mack) and are in a prime position to take a edge rusher with the 4th overall pick. But with comments like this from Mayock, it makes you wonder what they will do if somehow Quinnen Williams is available at the fourth pick. But if Williams does fall that means that Josh Allen and Rashan Gary are likely gone. But what if someone trades up for a quarterback? Would the Raiders take Williams over either of those two players? I would, he’s the second best player in the draft. So this could be no news at all.

Jonah Williams Arm Length

While a lot of casual fans like to make fun of us that pay attention to the weigh in, it does matter in certain areas. One of those is with offensive lineman and their arm length. The magical threshold for tackles is 33″ arms. For a player like Jonah Williams he has the talent level that could have him him play outside at tackle or even slide inside to guard. However measuring in at 33 5/8″ is good for him as he at least meets the length that some teams want out of the position. Now this doesn’t mean that Williams won’t be moved inside to guard. Heck I’ve said for the longest time that I could see him being an All Pro Guard. But finding good tackles isn’t easy. And if a team was on the fence about him because of arm length, this will help his cause.

Arizona not squashing Murray rumors

After the Kiff Kingsbury video (from this past college season where he said he’d take Kyler Murray number one overall if he had a chance) there has been discussion if the Cardinals would take him number one. But with Josh Rosen as their quarterback and some comments from owner Michael Bidwell they really have never totally squashed the rumors. And then today GM Steve Keim adds even more fuel to the fire with the comments, “right now.” Now does this mean that the Cardinals are really looking to move on from Rosen after one year and bring in Murray. Possibly. But let’s not go totally overboard. If the Cardinals do keep Rosen, it would be wise to trade down with a desperate team and accumulate picks. So this could all be just talk to encourage a team to move up. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.

Arizona Dropping Easter Eggs?

In the art of trying to figure out what teams are going to do come draft time, you have to read between the lines and pick up on little bits of information. According to Cardinals GM Steve Keim, new defensive coordinator Vance Joseph’s defense is built off of pass rushers and cornerbacks. So what does this mean for the Cardinals first overall pick? Well if they don’t take Murray (see above) then there is a discussion about Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa. And while Williams is no slouch on rushing the passer, Bosa seems to fit this narrative a lot better. Even if the Cardinals trade down, guys like Josh Allen could be a possibility or so could the likes of Greedy Williams.

Nick Foles to be a Free Agent

It was all but certain that Nick Foles would be leaving the Eagles this offseason, but we didn’t know if they would try and franchise him in an effort to trade him and get additional picks. However General Manager Howie Roseman stated that they are going to let him walk. For the QB needy teams this is a great news. The front runner has to be the Jacksonville Jaguars who have a loaded defense and just need someone who is manageable to win games. It also doesn’t hurt that former Eagles QB coach John DeFlippo is the new Jaguars offensive coordinator. Don’t count out the Redskins who are desperate for a quarterback and could make a hard push.

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