NFL Combine Day 1 Notes

March 1, 2018

The 2018 NFL Combine is officially underway seeing the running backs, offensive lineman and specialists go through official measurements. While this may not seem like a lot, having official heights, weights, arm legth and hand size can tell us a lot about these prospects. For most NFL teams certain positions have certain thresholds for measurements which could determine whether or not they fit a scheme but could also give us some insight into struggles they may have had or why they have had success. Here is a look at the NFL Combine Day 1 Notes.


1. Quenton Nelson Continues to Wow

Nelson has been a dominant blocker throughout his career at Notre Dame and is viewed as one of the safest picks in the entire draft. Well Nelson didn’t disappoint as he measured in at 6’5, 325lbs, 33 6/8″ arms and 10 3/8″ hands. What makes that impressive is that these measurements that most tackles would love to have. Now some will say that this means that teams could look at Nelson as a tackle prospect, but I really don’t see that happening. Guards don’t normally move out to tackle and this just reinforces that Nelson is a freak prospect that doesn’t come around often. Nelson uses his long arms to create leverage while his big hands allow him to lock onto defenders.


2. Geron Christian Stock continues to Rise

When you think of Louisville prospects the name that always comes to mind is Lamar Jackson and its with good cause. However, a name that has really been picking up is the left tackle prospect Geron Christian who has done a good job protecting Jackson since his freshman year. At the Combine Christian helped his cause even further coming in at 6’5 1/8″ but more impressive is his length having 35″ arms and 10 6/8″ hands. This is huge as it allows him to cut off defenders and can help him if his footwork isn’t quick enough. If Christian shows well enough in testing and moves well on the field drills he could enter the first round discussion.


3. Connor Williams to Guard?

There has been some scuttlebutt throughout the season that maybe Williams would be best served to move inside to guard because of his struggles this year. That talk got more credence when Williams measured in with 33″ arms. That is right at the threshold to play tackle so it’s not like teams will feel he can’t play the position but if your set on moving him inside. Now the big question is can Williams regain his sophomore year form? If he can, then he showed he has the agility and footwork that would negate the need for elite length.


4. Could Isaiah Wynn’s Lack of Measurable hurt his stock?

When you watch Wynn play left tackle this past year at Georgia and then saw him at the Senior Bowl you know that he is one of the best offensive line prospects in this draft. Heck I have him as a top 10 prospect in my rankings. However we know that teams put a ton of emphasis on measurables and thresholds and are not fans of taking exceptions to the rule. At 6’2 6/8″ and small hands (8 1/2″) that could scare some teams off. While I have him highly ranked, I still think the late first round is where he likely goes. But will this cause him to drop out of the first round all together? Or am I over thinking it?


5. Saquan Barkley is poised for a huge Combine

We all know about the exploited of Barkley on the field or in the weight room. He’s expected to run a fast 40 time and have a good vertical leap and then shine on the field drills but he’s going to be doing this all at 233lbs which is pretty impressive for a running back. If he puts up record numbers at this size, then it should be a lock for him to go in the top 5 of the draft.


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