One NFL team reportedly has Trevor Lawrence ranked as QB2

Zach Wilson NFL Draft

We’ve been in NFL draft season for a few weeks now, but it’s about to get amped up to another level with smokescreen season slowly setting in.

Rumors at this time of year are fun to read but hard to believe. Don’t fall for them, regardless of how reputable the reporting outlet is. Remember: not every NFL draft analyst has a reliable source and sometimes they’re being used as a means to manipulate the draft narrative.

But that’s not the case across the board.

Take Matt Miller, for example, the longtime Bleacher Report draft insider and now the publisher of The Draft Scout. Miller has a strong track record with accurate reporting of draft rumors and in the latest installment of his scouting notebook, he reported that one college scouting director told him that Trevor Lawrence isn’t atop their 2021 quarterback big board. Instead, it’s BYU’s Zach Wilson.

“What he does as a thrower, and as a runner, is exactly where we are as a league right now,” Miller’s source said. “He throws some of those 50/50 balls with his shoulders square to the defense after running around in the pocket and I’m seeing Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech all over again.”

I doubt Miller’s contact would intentionally lie to him. Let’s face it: there’s nothing to gain by doing so. Lawrence will be the first overall pick regardless of an outlier opinion or two, so it’s not like a swell of pro-Wilson or anti-Lawrence commentary will change that at all. Instead, Miller’s reporting is proof that there’s no such thing as a consensus opinion when it comes to prospect evaluation.

It’s also evidence that at least one director of college scouting doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Bryan Perez

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