Quarterback Player Comparisons

April 8, 2018

One of my favorite aspects of scouting is making comparisons to former prospects. While it’s a very inexact science, it can give fans an idea of what players bring to the table. So here are my quarterback player comparisons for some of this years top prospects.

Quarterback Player Comparisons

Josh Rosen = Matt Ryan

A very polished passer with a high IQ. He lacks elite physical tools, but he’s plenty gifted enough to be successful in the NFL. Expect him to be a top 10 QB in the league in a couple years and if he gets some legitimate weapons around him then he could be a future MVP. Day one starter in the NFL.


Josh Allen = Matthew Stafford

Huge arm with the potential to be an elite NFL quarterback. Not consistently accurate, but has shown he’s capable of making throws that most aren’t talented enough to make. Worth noting that Allen’s mechanics aren’t nearly as polished as Stafford’s were when he came out. Not a guy who’s ready to run an offense, but he can be great in a few years with a coaching staff that can develop him.


Baker Mayfield = Sam Bradford

Extremely accurate and can really pick a defense apart. Some questions on if he can stay healthy and about the spread system he plays in. Also some questions about it maturity on and off the field. Overall, his ability far outweighs the concerns. Expect a long productive career, but may never be elite.


Lamar Jackson = Cam Newton

Not the same physical freak as Newton, but really there isn’t a perfect comparison for Jackson. Physical and explosive runner who can change the game with his legs. Has shown he can make big throws from the pocket, but struggles with accuracy. Needs to keep improving as a passer, but his running ability adds a threat which could land him a starting job.


Sam Darnold = Jameis Winston

Great anticipation and can make big plays happen. A gun slinger who will take chances and as a result turn the ball over. Doesn’t have the same pocket awareness as Winston, and probably doesn’t have the same type of ceiling, but in terms of how they play the game there are a lot of similarities.


Mason Rudolph = Landry Jones

Very productive in his system over his college career, but not sure he’s ready to run an NFL offense. Not great at reading the defense and struggles with pressure. Lacks great physical tools. I don’t see him as being an NFL starter long term.

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