Romo, Garoppolo, Cutler and Glennon will have a major affect on the 2017 Quarterback Class

February 9, 2017

Everybody knows that the NFL is a quarterback league and you need a good one to have success. Just look at the playoff teams, all but the Chiefs and Texans have a quarterback that is either elite or right on the outside. Now look at the teams picking in the top 5, all five teams are lacking significantly at the position (Rams drafted Goff with the 1st pick in 2016).

While the draft normally allows these teams an opportunity to find the next franchise quarterback, many analysts are quick to tell you this quarterback class is not as good as previous years. While some teams will take their shots with the likes of DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes other teams could look towards this surprisingly quality group of veteran quarterbacks.


Tony Romo

With the emergence of Dak Prescott the Cowboys will either trade or release Romo allowing him one more chance to start and win a title. Romo should be a coveted by a team that is one piece away from making a Super Bowl run. Teams like Denver, Houston and the NY Jets could all be options. Houston is likely the best option but adding another big contract at the quarterback position is unlikely. Romo’s best landing spot is Denver which allows Romo to get the Broncos offense to be more aggressive and most importantly give Paxton Lynch another year or two to develop.


Jimmy Garoppolo

Entering his final year of his rookie contract Garoppolo is a prime trade target for the Patriots who were in this same spot a couple years back with Matt Cassell. Garoppolo is young and has played well in his three NFL starts. Garoppolo likely will command at least a second and but probably more. Both Cleveland and Chicago are rumored to be the two teams that want him, but don’t count out the 49ers with reports that Kyle Shanahan had Garoppolo as his 2nd rated quarterback only behind Derek Carr. The problem there is the 49ers have major holes and a limited amount of picks while Cleveland has more draft picks than either team which could be the difference.


Jay Cutler

Even though Cutler is the best quarterback in Bears history, he has struggled to impress the new regime and will likely be a cap casualty. You’re not going to see a ton of teams beating the door down to get Cutler, but the arm talent is still there and he has shown he can take a team deep into the playoffs. The Jets could be a landing spot because he has ties to QB coach Jeremy Bates and is familiar with Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte, but that seems like a long shot. Miami could be an option to reunite with Adam Gase and could fill in for Tannehill if he isn’t ready to start the year. However, the best bet might be the 49ers where he has familiarity with the Shanahan family and could be a short term solution.


Mike Glennon

Another option could be Glennon who played alright as a rookie starting 13 games throwing for 2,608 yards and 19 touchdowns while his 83.9 QB rating is considered to be average by NFL standards. Not bad numbers for a rookie mid round pick. But the Bucs drafted Jameis Winston in the 2014 draft and Glennon was forced into a backup role. Glennon hasn’t been getting much hype which means he could be the option for the team that doesn’t land Romo or Garropolo.


Tyrod Taylor

This one is tricky because Taylor is still under contract with the Bills but their are plenty of rumors that they are looking to dump him. This is amazing in that Taylor isn’t a bad quarterback by NFL standards but the team may cut him if he doesn’t renegotiate his contract. If he’s cut teams like the Browns, Bears or Jets would for sure make a run at him.


Early Projections on where each quarterback could go


Cleveland: Signs Tyrod Taylor and drafts Josh Dobbs

San Francisco: Signs Jay Cutler and drafts Deshaun Watson

Chicago: Trade for Jimmy Garropolo

New York Jets: Signs Mike Glennon

Buffalo: Drafts Mitch Trubisky

Arizona: Drafts DeShone Kizer

Denver: Signs Tony Romo

Houston: Drafts Jarod Evans

Kansas City: Drafts Patrick Mahomes

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