Tee Higgins NFL Draft

Tee Higgins NFL Draft Preview | Next Julio Jones

June 4, 2019

While the Clemson Defensive line got most of the attention and hype throughout the season, it was the young offensive players that really helped Clemson win the National Title. While players like Trevor Lawrence and Justyn Ross are not draft eligible, Tee Higgins is. Higgins really broke out last year and as he becomes NFL Draft eligible his skill set it drawing some comparisons to Atlanta Falcons superstar Julio Jones. Here we look at three reasons why Higgins compares to Julio.


The NFL is always looking for players that fit the height, weight, speed prerequisites based on historical data. When Julio Jones came out of Alabama he measured in at 6’3 220lbs while Tee Higgins is listed at 6’4 205. Not only does Higgins have good size but he runs like someone much smaller than him. Higgins shows some short area burst that allows him to get off the line quick or to put a foot down and make a cut while running routes. But what separates Higgins also has the ability to accelerate and run past defensive backs to make plays downfield. Having this combination at height, weight and speed makes him a unique receiving prospects.

Body Control

Not every receiver in the NFL is going to be able to get separation and have to win in contested catch situations and with leverage. When you watch Julio Jones he has the ability to go up and gt the ball but also use his body well to pin the defensive back and shield them off. Tee Higgins shares a lot of these same traits. Using that 6’4 frame he still has good body control that allows him to adjust to go get the ball whether the ball is high or to the side. Higgins is still developing as a route runner but he does show the ability to put himself in a position to win with the ball in the air.


In the quick strike passing games we see NFL cornerbacks are looking to jam receivers and reroute them to throw off the time. Some receivers use quickness to get around a cornerback’s jam and while Higgins will use his burst off the line to win, but he also uses strength and power to knock the corners hands away but also to run through attempts over powering defenders.

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