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June 28, 2019

The younger brother of current Minnesota Vikings star receiver Stefon Diggs, Trevon was well on his way to establishing himself as one of the top college cornerbacks before breaking his foot six games in. Despite playing less than half of the season Diggs showed us a lot on the field to get excited for his senior year. In this Trevon Diggs Scouting Notes we take a look at his game against Mississippi where he showed us that he can be one of the top cornerbacks in a pretty loaded group.

What Trevon Diggs Does Well

At 6’2 with speed and athletic ability Diggs wasn’t just locked in on one side but instead he lined up both inside and outside and got to be matched up against DK Metcalf, Dawson Knox, AJ Brown and DaMarkus Lodge. This allowed us the chance to see Diggs line up against different styles of receivers and showcase the different aspects of his traits.

Not only does Diggs have good size at 6’2 to bang with the big receivers, he also has the speed that allows him to stick with receivers down the field. DK Metcalf is a freak of an athlete who measured in at 6’3 225lbs and ran a 4.38 40 yard dash at the Combine. But Trevon Diggs was able to still play off coverage on him flip his hips and have the speed to stay on top of him. Whether it is from press or off coverage Diggs possess not only the long speed but he has the ability to accelerate and “catch up” if he has to.

It is one thing to be able to run with receivers but Trevon Diggs has also shown that he has the ball skills to be able to get a hand in and break up passes. In Ole Miss’ offense they want to push the ball down the field vertically to both Metcalf and DaMarkus Lodge. While we didn’t get to see Diggs come forward to break up passes much he did get a fair share of balls thrown his way down the field. On these deep throws Diggs tracked the ball well and then was able to time his jump to knock down the ball. Diggs was even able to come off his defender on a deep throw and pin the receiver on his back to go up and win a contested catch.

Inside Diggs was able to match up with both TE Dawson Knox and WR AJ Brown. This allowed us to see the start and stop ability and Diggs’ burst. Because Diggs has short area quickness and the ability to accelerate to top speed quick he’s able to be patient at the line of scrimmage and force the receiver to have to commit to the route first. That was the case when he matched up with 2019 2nd round pick AJ Brown. From off coverage Diggs was able to sit back and and see that Brown was going to break outside and and before the cut was even made he burst forward to Brown’s hip and preventing him from adjusting back to make a catch on an off target throw.


There are not many flaws in Trevon Diggs game but one concern that I’ve noticed on tape is he can give up some separation when he’s transitioning from a backpedal to turning and running with the receiver. At times, especially in press, Diggs can quickly flip his hips at the line of scrimmage and being great position. But especially if playing off coverage he can get too high and it causes him to stumble a bit allowing the defender to get a step or two on him.

From all indications the foot fracture that ended Diggs junior season is healed and he’s back to running, but we’ve seen with some other football players it that the foot could still have some lingering problems or lead to future issues. Now there isn’t anything to indicate that specifically to Diggs, but it is something to watch as he goes through the 2019 season.

NFL Outlook

With Trevon Diggs’ combination of size and athletic traits he seems like he would be a perfect fit as a press man corner who can get physical with receivers at the line to scrimmage and then be able to flip his hips and run with them down the field. But Diggs is much more than that and given his experience playing inside and covering both tight ends and slot receivers it just showcases his overall skill set to a variety of teams and schemes. A press man team would love to have him line up outside and play Cover 3 all day long, but other teams who want a big physical corner that the can have shadow a big receiver or even detached tight end could see Diggs being that guy. As long as Diggs doesn’t have any complications from his foot injury he should have a great shot to being a first round draft pick.

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