Tyree Jackson | Can he Buck the Trend on Tall QBs?

July 16, 2018

When we think of height being a factor for NFL quarterbacks we tend to loo towards the shorter quarterbacks. And while guys like Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and even Baker Mayfield going number one overall, that worry may be a little overblown. But the opposite end of the spectrum may be the bigger issue as we’ve seen the taller quarterbacks struggle. Names like Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch and Mike Glennon are all 6’7 or taller and have struggled. While it’s a small sample size there is definitely a trend. With Buffalo’s Tyree Jackson becoming draft eligible this whole discussion may be coming up again. Let’s get to know more about Tyree Jackson.

Who is Tyree Jackson

Despite leaving high school ranking in the Top 5 in passing yards and touchdowns in the state of Michigan along with leading his team to their first state title in 50 years, Jackson ended up at Buffalo rather than a bigger program. At 6’7 245lbs Jackson is a massive quarterback height wise, but uses his athletic ability and arm talent to be one of the top quarterbacks in not only the Group of 5 but all of college football.


What Tyree Jackson Does Well

What Jackson does well is on his ball placement. Now Jackson does have some inconsistent throws that may be too long or leave it too far in, the majority of throws he’s able to place the ball in a position for his receivers to keep running or make the play. Whether that is dropping the ball over a defender or putting it in a spot for the WR to turn to an opening or even leading them so they don’t have to slow down.

Another area that Jackson has shown so far in his young college career is the ability to look off defenders/go through his progressions. In the above clip it’s hard from the tape to see if he’s looking off a defender by staring to his right and then firing the ball to the crossing route or he’s going from one receiver to the next. Either way this trait is one that the elite college throwers have and what he’ll have to do in the NFL.


Concerns about Tyree Jackson

While Jackson has a lot of qualities to get excited for, he does have some development and concerns he is dealing with. The biggest thing about Jackson is he tends to be a rhythm thrower where the ball tends to come out after he hits his back foot and to a predetermined receiver. When that receiver is open or Jackson feels pressure he seems to panic a bit and instead of sitting in the pocket or moving around within he tends to bail try to pick up yardage. This also causes Jackson to rush some throws into traffic which can or should result in interceptions.



Entering his junior year Tyree Jackson could be in store for a big year as he enters year three in the system and also has one of the best receivers in college football in Anthony Johnson. This connection allows Jackson a big play threat and someone that if needed he can just throw the ball up to and trust that he’ll make a play. Jackson has the chance to ascend the quarterback rankings and has the traits to be a starter in the NFL. But he’ll need to continue to develop as he is still raw as a thrower. Luckily he’s only a junior and could realistically come back for his senior year for more seasoning. As for whether he can buck the trend of the tall quarterback? I think if anybody has a shot it could be Jackson. If he continues to develop he has a skill set that is better than Brock Osweiler and even Paxton Lynch. While those guys have struggled, it’s not like they’ve been considered the top prospects at the position. Time will tell.

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