Week 17 Reverse NFL Power Rankings

December 27, 2016

1. Cleveland Browns (1-14)

A day that many fans didn’t think would come, the Browns actually winning a game this year! While the win was great, some Browns fans had to be a little nervous that they’d lose out on the first overall pick.


2. San Francisco 49ers (2-13)

If San Francisco played the Rams every week they’d be undefeated. But just think 49er fans, this win also cost you the chance at the first overall pick. Myles Garrett would have looked pretty good in a 49ers uniform.


3. Chicago Bears (3-12)

It was only a matter of time before the Matt Barkley experience to come to a crashing end and his 5 interceptions didn’t give them much of a chance. But as the Bears continue to lose, the Jaguars won which allows Chicago to move up a slot in the draft.


4. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-12)

For over a month everyone knew the Jaguars would fire Bradley but they kept going at it, but in their first game without him the Jaguars go out dominate the Titans. Makes you wonder what would have happened if they fired him a month ago?


5. Los Angeles Rams (4-11)

A touchdown pass from Jared Goff to Tyler Higbee it looked like the future of the Rams were going to get another win. Instead the defense couldn’t hold the struggling 49ers offense and allowed two touchdowns to lose. Tough loss for a young team.


6. New York Jets (4-11)

I’ve long thought that the Jets issues were not Todd Bowles and instead the reliance on washed up overpaid veterans. However, it’s games like their 41-3 loss to the Patriots makes his future in New York murky. Let’s hope the Jets look to keep some continuity.


7. San Diego Chargers (5-10)

You know things are going bad for the Chargers when they lose to the Browns for their first win on the season. It looked like Mike McCoy may have gotten a pass for next year, but I’m not sure anymore.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (5-9-1)

While their chances of making the playoffs were long gone, getting a win over the Texans would have been really big for the team. Instead a missed field goal gave them their ninth win and the chances of Marvin Lewis coming back get cloudier by the week. Let’s hope they’re wise and keep him.


9. Philadelphia Eagles (6-9)

It’s nice to see that the Eagles are not quitting on the season getting a big win over the division rival Giants. To keep fighting and get big wins are big for the development of Carson Wentz.


10. Carolina Panthers (6-9)

Losing at home in a noncompetitive game against the divisional rival Falcons? I wouldn’t say that the Panthers have quit, but I think their spirits this season have been broke. Should be an interesting offseason for Carolina.


11. Arizona Cardinals (6-8-1)

Normally in good intense rivalries it doesn’t matter what each team’s records are and that’s exactly what you saw here as the Cardinals may have won their “Super Bowl” this late in the season. You know the season was a huge disappointment and this win won’t change anything, but it at least gives the Cardinals more pride this week.


12. Buffalo Bills (7-8)

Buffalo put up a good fight and almost got a win over the Dolphins but in the end they just couldn’t stop Jay Ajayi again. The Rex Ryan era in Buffalo is clearly over, but we’ll see if they can beat his old team next week to put him out on a good note.


13. Minnesota Vikings (7-8)

Not only are the Vikings continuing to lose games, now they players are going rouge against a player’s coach? The Vikings just need to get this season over with as soon as possible. Luckily for them the Bears are coming to town for what should be a much needed win.


14. Indianapolis Colts (7-8)

Don’t let the final score fool you, the Colts were out of their game against the Raiders until the Derek Carr injury happened. The lost and the Texans win also sealed their fate of missing out on the playoffs for a second straight year. Last year Grigson and Pagano were saved and given extensions. It will be interesting to see if they’re saved again.


15. New Orleans Saints (7-8)

The Saints have got to be the biggest tease in the NFL this year with some impressive wins and then some horrible losses. They’ve won three out of their last five games but just a little too late as they’re playoff hopes are gone. With Atlanta on Sunday maybe a win can knock them out of a first round bye.


16. Denver Broncos (8-7)

Three straight losses ended the Broncos chances at the playoffs and now they are hoping for one final win to stay above .500. Getting a wounded Raiders team will help, but the Super Bowl contenders are a lot more flawed than people think.


17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-7)

All hopes of a playoff appearance this year were gone with their loss to the Saints. But this team has shown so much improvement and promise over the year that another good offseason should set them up to be South contenders for years to come.


18. Tennessee Titans (8-7)

It was an all-around brutal day for the Titans who not only got beat by the lowly Jaguars, but got dominated. That win knocked them out of the South race and most importantly their franchise quarterback was lost to a broken leg.


19. Baltimore Ravens (8-7)

It was only fitting that the Ravens lost to the Steelers on Sunday afternoon since they have lost to every good team (except once vs the Dolphins) all season long. But with the Bengals on the schedule next they should finish with nine wins and that’s at least an improvement on last year’s bottom six finish.


20. Washington Redskins (8-6-1)

Nothing like playing the Bears to keep you right in the hunt for a wildcard slot. While their game against the Giants was always important, but a win there and another Lions loss should get them in.


21. Detroit Lions (9-7)

Two weeks ago the Lions were riding high with a 9-5 record and looking like one of the NFC elite. Whether it is Matthew Stafford’s finger injury or they’re just playing better teams, the Lions look much worse. Beating the Packers is a must for Detroit but if Washington could lose to the Giants then they’d still make the playoffs.


22. Houston Texans (9-6)

Some may call it lucky winning by a missed field goal, but the Texans call it clinching the division. While Tom Savage didn’t evoke any comparisons to Tom Brady he at least didn’t cost them the game.


23. Miami Dolphins (10-5)

If only Jay Ajayi could play the Bills each week he’d rush for over 3,200 yards in the season. But all joking aside the Dolphins toughed out another win without Ryan Tannehill to lock up their spot in the playoffs. I don’t know about anybody else, but Adam Gase should be coach of the year.


24. New York Giants (10-5)

After losing to the Eagles you have to wonder, were they just looking past a struggling team to the playoffs, or are they a pretender that’s bound to get crushed in the playoffs? I’m thinking the later.


25. Green Bay Packers (9-6)

Five weeks ago the Packers were sitting at a 4-6 record and looked like they would have one of their worst seasons in the past ten years. But five straight wins later the Packers are the most dangerous team in the league and are one win from winning the division and putting fear into the rest of the NFC.


26. Seattle Seahawks (9-5-1)

Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals was bad in a couple ways. Not only did it possibly cost the Seahawks a first round bye and some home field advantage, but they also lost Tyler Locket to a broken leg just as it seemed he was really taking off. I wouldn’t be shocked by an early Seahawks playoff exit.


27. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4)

Kansas City made a big statement on Christmas night throttling the defending Super Bowl Champions and continue to look like a Super Bowl team. Their biggest concern is getting Justin Houston healthy and ready for the stretch run.


28. Oakland Raiders (12-3)

All season long he Raiders have looked like one of the best teams in the NFL and were poised to go head to head with the conference elites. But a nasty twist in a game they were winning handily changes everything. While there are worst backups than Matt McGloin, the Raiders Super Bowl dreams are all but gone.


29. Atlanta Falcons (10-5)

Maybe I’m alone, but the Falcons have always seemed like pretenders to me. But the wins keep coming and it’s hard to not think they could make a run in the playoffs. But it will come down to their pass rush. Will they have enough of it when it counts.


30. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5)

Their dramatic win over the Ravens clinched the North and at this point gives them the third seed in the playoffs. While they’ve struggled on the road this year they’ll get a home game and likely travel to Oakland to play the Derek Carr less Raiders. The Steelers are in a great spot.


31. New England Patriots (13-2)

It was easy work for the Patriots as they cruised to a big win over the rival Jets. But it will get much tougher next week as we get a playoff preview against the Dolphins.


32. Dallas Cowboys (13-2)

I still can’t believe that the two players driving the Cowboys to this epic season were both playing in bowl games last year. Enough can’t be said about how good Dak Prescott has been playing this year.

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